UCD Critical Edits Transition Resources

UCD Phase 3 critical edits transition
Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) Phase 3 critical edits were implemented in production as warning-to-fatal severity on Nov. 7. We encourage lenders and technology service providers to review feedback messages and prepare now before the Phase 3 critical edits turn fatal on May 1, 2023.

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In four phases, starting July 31, 2021, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the GSEs) will convert certain edits in their Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) collection solutions from “warning” to “critical/fatal.” Once a datapoint has transitioned to “critical/fatal,” lenders must remediate quality issues for that data before delivering the loan to either GSE. Review the resources below to help your organization get ready for this important transition.

Fannie Mae Resources

Resource Name Description
EarlyCheck and Loan Delivery Qualified Mortgage (QM) Edits Job Aid Learn more about new Loan Delivery and EarlyCheck edits that are leveraging a number of required UCD data elements related to Revised General Qualified Mortgage (QM) Rule. We will utilize the UCD and Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) as provided to perform the checks at time of delivery.
UCD Lender Readiness Checklist Follow these steps to help you prepare for the critical edits transition.
UCD Critical Edits Timeline Plan for the four phases of critical edits transitioning from “warning” to “fatal.”
Feedback Messages Review feedback messages associated with the upcoming critical edits.
UCD Test Environment  Test your UCD XML files to resolve potential critical issues with data about to transition to "fatal."
Fannie Mae Connect™ Reports Check the UCD Submissions and Findings Report in Fannie Mae Connect to see if warnings you receive are turning "fatal" in the next phase.


Joint-GSE Resources

Resource Name Description
Critical Edits Matrix Obtain details around the various phases, including the criteria of the required datapoint and the description of the rule.
UCD Critical Edits Implementation Guide Review the details around the transitioning data along with portions of the relevant Closing Disclosure sections.
UCD Phase 3 Critical Edits Job Aid: Fees The purpose of this document is to review sections of the CD (A. Origination Charges, B. Services Borrower Did Not Shop For, C. Services Borrower Did Shop For and H. Other Costs) and outline how the data in each section should be provided in the corresponding UCD XML file to avoid Phase 3 critical edits.
Specification Update Impact Memo Review this Impact Memo for changes to the UCD Specification v1.5.
Joint GSE UCD Critical Edits Phase 3 Feedback Message Mapping This document intends to align the critical/fatal feedback messages returned by each GSE’s collection solution at the data point level to further assist with UCD Phase 3 critical edit resolution.