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The Fannie Mae Learning Resource Center offers a wide range of materials to help you do business with Fannie Mae. Browse our online resources, learn at your own pace, and discover Fannie Mae learning tools. Our digital library includes learning modules, videos, frequently asked questions, demos, job aids, guides, and more. 

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Featured resources for lenders

Guides, online learning, and other helpful resources for lenders covering qualifying borrowers, appraisal flexibilities, condo project policy updates, and more.

Featured resources for servicers

Information and resources to help you understand today’s ever-changing servicing landscape.

Master Servicing Simplification Changes homepage
Prepare for the upcoming cash simplification and guaranty fee relief changes by viewing these tools and resources. Each of these tools are designed to help you prepare and seamlessly implement these required changes.

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Mortgage Insurance Claims Portal online learning
This eLearning module provides an overview of acknowledging requests, attaching documents and comments, and submitting mortgage insurance claims through Fannie Mae's Mortgage Insurance Claims Portal.

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Homeowner Retention Options online learning
A microlearning series for servicers to help determine the best retention option for homeowners in relation to their hardship.

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Forbearance servicer script
Use this script in forbearance discussions with homeowners impacted by COVID-19. Fannie Mae credentials required.

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Servicer script for homeowners with a resolved COVID-19 hardship
This script helps navigate and streamline conversations with homeowners with a resolved COVID-19 hardship. Fannie Mae credentials required.

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Payment Deferrals Matrix
See a side-by-side comparison of the latest Fannie Mae Payment Deferral products.

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SMDU UI Payment Deferral Options User Guide
A quick reference guide of step-by-step instructions on how to enter the required and conditionally required fields in Servicing Management Default Underwriter User Interface (SMDU UI) for the Fannie Mae Payment Deferral products. Fannie Mae credentials required.

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Payment Deferral, COVID-19 Payment Deferral and Disaster Payment Deferral using SMDU or HSSN
This high-level document outlines the Servicing Management Default Underwriter (SMDU) or HomeSaver Solutions Network (HSSN) payment deferral and COVID-19 process for servicers.

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Default Management Scenarios online learning
Explore the timeline of default scenarios such as flex modification, foreclosure, forbearance, and from delinquency through resolution of the default.

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Introduction to Servicing online learning series
This eLearning series includes modules that cover bankruptcy and foreclosure standards as well as default management scenarios that can be used to avoid a potential foreclosure.

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Changes to 24-Month Delinquent MBS Loan Reclassification webinar

Learn key concepts and operational processes related to Fannie Mae 24-Month Delinquent MBS Loan Reclassification in this webinar recording. Be sure to click on the start button once the video appears.

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Investor Reporting and Remitting for Payment Deferral and COVID-19 Payment Deferral webinar
Fannie Mae’s Mortgage Operations manager walks through investor reporting and remitting for payment deferral and COVID-19 payment deferrals. Fannie Mae credentials required.

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SMDU UI online learning series
These brief modules will give you an overview of the SMDU User Interface (UI) and tips for completing key processes. Use your SMDU UI credentials to access and view these online resources.

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