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Fannie Mae is at the heart of housing. As our customer, you’ll enhance your business, make homeownership a reality for more borrowers, and be at the center of everything we do.

Impact of COVID-19 on Customer Approval and Onboarding

We are committed to serving the mortgage industry and providing liquidity to the market.

Getting Started

  • To begin, utilize the Customer Readiness Tool to evaluate your readiness to do business with Fannie Mae. You will be guided through a series of questions that will determine whether your organization meets our prospective customer eligibility guidelines.
  • Completion of the Customer Readiness Tool will unlock our seller/servicer application, Form 1010. Once completed, this should be sent to: [email protected].
  • You may also choose to use our optional self-evaluation tools: Quality Control (QC) Self-Assessment, Servicing Self Assessment, and Path to Approval Toolkit. These tools are meant to help guide you through the approval criteria, but are not required.

Phone Discussions

Once our teams review your seller/servicer application Form 1010, we conduct up to three strategic business fit discussions via phone call:

  • Post-Application Discussion with a Fannie Mae Onboarding Specialist 
  • Pricing and Best Execution Discussion with the Fannie Mae Capital Markets team
  • Financial and Operational Risk Discussion with the Fannie Mae Counterparty Risk team

Provisional Approval Process

Following the successful completion of these calls and the mutual decision to move forward, you will be guided through the steps necessary to receive Provisional Approval. Provisionally Approved lenders may sell eligible loans to Fannie Mae (servicing released only).

  • You begin by preparing your provisional application package, which includes a series of documents, policies and procedures, and account set-up forms. The full details of the provisional application package can be found in our Document Checklist.
  • Third party onboarding should be initiated during the provisional application timeframe. Completion of document custodian onboarding is required for Provisional Approval and in order to sell loans to Fannie Mae.
  • If applicable, you are also encouraged to engage with sub-servicers and/or Servicing Marketplace (SMP) buyers within the Provisional Approval timeline.
  • After our teams review your application package, we determine whether Provisional Approval should be granted to your business.
  • Provisionally Approved lenders are introduced to their designated Relationship Manager and are encouraged to begin selling loans to Fannie Mae.

Full Approval Process

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After receiving Provisional Approval (for sellers and seller/servicers), you will be guided through the Full Approval phase.

  • You will be asked to prepare a Full Approval application package after receiving Provisional Approval.
  • During the Full Approval timeline, we will coordinate an onsite visit and operational risk assessment. This enables us to truly get to know you and see your organization's operations first hand.
  • If applicable, lenders must finalize engagements with sub-servicers and SMP buyers prior to Full Approval.
  • Once you complete these final steps, our teams review your Full Approval application package and determine whether to issue Full Approval to your organization. If Full Approval is not granted, your business will no longer be able to sell loans to Fannie Mae.
  • If Full Approval is issued to your organization, your Relationship Manager will continue to offer personalized support, guidance and training and your business will have the ability to retain servicing, if applicable.
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