Partner with Fannie Mae

Accelerate your business with Fannie Mae’s integrated solutions and insights

Partnering with Fannie Mae provides access to an array of products, services and support from industry professionals. Our Seller and Servicers may be equipped to better manage risk and improve liquidity.

Fannie Mae provides many benefits to help our Sellers and Servicers support their strategic objectives

  • Clear, consistent pricing in all markets at all times
  • Powerful technology and simplified, value-driven servicing tools
  • Ease of doing business with clear eligibility guidance and feedback
  • Fast funding available as soon as the same day as loans are certified

We are committed to serving the mortgage industry and providing liquidity to the market. 

Get Approved

STEP 1: Understand the requirements

Review our eligibility guidelines and ensure your company is prepared for the potential growth and opportunities you could receive as an approved Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer. We also offer Risk and Servicer self-assessments to help you determine if your business is ready for a partnership with Fannie Mae.

View Path to Approval Toolkit

STEP 2: Unlock the Seller/Servicer application

Our quick online tool guides you through a series of questions to confirm that your organization meets basic customer eligibility guidelines. By successfully completing the evaluation, you will receive access to the application.

View Seller/Servicer Readiness Tool

STEP 3: Complete the Form 1010 application

Complete the application to provide our team the information they need to perform an initial assessment of your business. Once you finish the application, send it via email to Fannie Mae.


1. Understanding your business

Once our team reviews your application, we conduct phone discussions to mutually assess strategic fit. During these phone conversations we will also provide next steps, timelines, and answers to your questions.

[This part of the process takes approximately 2 weeks to complete]

2. Receive provisional approval

Once the phone discussions are successfully completed, our team guides you through the steps necessary to receive provisional approval.

As a provisionally approved lender, you can sell eligible loans to Fannie Mae on a servicing-released basis. This is your opportunity to put Fannie Mae’s experience to work for you. With over 80 years of experience we can provide unmatched insights and identify opportunities to create a lasting partnership.

[This part of the process takes approximately 10 weeks to complete]

3. Approved Seller/Servicer status

Our team will work with you to coordinate an on-site visit and provide an operational risk assessment.

After receiving full approval to do business with Fannie Mae, you will begin working with our teams regularly. Our Business Account Relationship Managers will work with you to identify how Fannie Mae can help work toward your business goals.

[This part of the process takes approximately 9 weeks to complete]

Have questions about the Seller/Servicer application process?

Contact our onboarding team

Maintain Seller/Servicer Eligibility

To maintain eligibility, a seller/servicer must comply with a number of requirements, including those related to loan sales or servicing, as applicable, minimum net worth, capital requirements and liquidity. For more information, see the Fannie Mae Selling Guide (A4-1-01).

Fannie Mae’s Notification Center makes it easy for you to stay informed about new and updated policies, procedures, and technology applications; and the services and support we offer to help you address their implications to your business.

Have questions about maintaining Seller/Servicer eligibility?

Contact your Fannie Mae account team for more information.

Why partner with Fannie Mae?

Certainty in processes, financial stability, and driving opportunity is what Fannie Mae is built upon. With best-in-industry processes, people, quality control, and service, Fannie Mae is a trusted leader in the U.S. housing industry. As a working partner, you provide your company the best opportunity for business sustainability and growth.

Learn more about our Business Partner Code of Conduct, which outlines the principles we expect all business partners to uphold.