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Pricing & Execution

Flexible, competitive liquidity options

Every lender’s funding and loan delivery process can be unique. That’s why we’re developing solutions that expand execution options to help optimize profitability, manage credit risk, and simplify your overall experience.

We’re committed to offering unrivaled customer service,  delivering user-friendly technology, and improving your liquidity.

Capital Markets Pricing & Sales Desk

Best execution comes down to what is most efficient and profitable for your company. Fannie Mae offers the certainty, options, and outstanding customer service to meet your company’s needs. Our Capital Markets experts are available and uniquely qualified to help you commit whole loans, trade MBS, analyze best execution, provide market color, and advise on early funding and hedging strategies.

When you work with us, you have access to services and technology  that offer simplicity beyond pricing and execution:

  • If you retain servicing, you’ll have access to our streamlined, value-driven technology that provides simplicity and certainty
  • A customer service structure designed to get you the information and answers you need quickly
  • Desktop Underwriter® (DU)’s powerful origination technology
  • Certainty on a diverse set of products that meet DU® requirements, including 97% LTV, construction to permanent, and ARMs
  • A collaborative, real-time post-purchase review process to mitigate risk and drive loan quality together.

New committing grids coming to PE – Whole Loan

In response to current market conditions, on March 2 two new committing grids will be available in Pricing & Execution - Whole Loan®:
• 30-Year Fixed Rate - 225k Max Loan Amount
• 15-Year Fixed Rate - 200k Max Loan Amount

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