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Get seamless fund production with greater ease and execution flexibility

Fannie Mae understands that not all funding and loan delivery processes are the same. Your business has unique needs, which is why we can help analyze your funding and loan delivery process to design the right mix of Early Funding Products to meet your needs.

With our Early Funding options—As Soon as Pooled® Plus and As Soon as Pooled Sale—we offer competitive terms and greater execution flexibility while combining purchase, pooling, settlement, and clearance into a seamless customer experience. Our straightforward loan delivery technology provides faster execution and a better customer experience, while saving time, decreasing errors, and cutting costs with minimal changes to your current process.


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To find out how we can help you improve your funding process, contact the Early Funding Desk at 1-866-944-3863 or your Fannie Mae Account Team for more information.


Learn more about our Early Funding options and reports

As Soon As Pooled Plus (ASAP+)

Receive loan-level funding for whole loans or pools upon certification, up to 30 days before deciding on final execution, plus the flexibility to choose either MBS or Whole Loan execution.

Reduce funding expense and extend positive carry period by delivering on the last day of whole loan commitment.

Receive proceeds as soon as the same day your loans are certified by a Fannie Mae approved document custodian.

The process has never been easier. Approved lenders can request Early Funding by leveraging their existing delivery file.

As Soon As Pooled Sale (ASAP Sale)

Pool-level funding up to 15 days before the forward trade settlement date. Receive up to 100% of your forward trade proceeds as soon as the day after your pools close and are traded.

Fund 100% of your forward trade price, plus MBS interest accrued from pool issuance to SIFMA settlement.

Receive proceeds as soon as the day after your pools close and are traded.

Forward trades can be completed with our Capital Markets Pricing & Sales Desk or with any approved Fannie Mae counterparty. We will handle TBA notifications, allocations, and settlement activities for all your Early Funding trades.


Early Funding reports are available through Fannie Mae Connect™ via the search function or navigating to the Pricing & Execution category in the Report Center. (NOTE: If you don’t have access to this category, please click the “Request Access” link.)

Early Funding Wire Report
This report provides details, including the wire amount, destination, FED Reference Number, date, and time, along with loan and/or pool information upon confirmation of wire settlement. For more information, please see our job aid.

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ASAP Plus Confirmation
This report provides recent submission details and/or updates to ASAP transactions and can be used to identify loans that were authorized, updated, unauthorized, and/or canceled for the selected report date. For more information, please see our job aid.

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ASAP Plus Redelivery
This report provides redelivery information for ASAP+ loans and can be used to identify details of the loan(s) that were redelivered to Fannie Mae. For more information, please see our job aid.

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ASAP Plus Loans Outstanding
This report provides details on loans that are currently funded on ASAP+ including the days outstanding, purchase price, and redelivery type (if available).

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ASAP Plus Not Locked Certified or Funded
This report can be used to identify loans that have been submitted to Early Funding that are not locked, certified, or funded, and typically may require action to help with certification, or request cancellation of the loan to correct any issues.

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Check your Early Funding Pipes/Capacity
With the potential changes that may occur with respect to available warehouse capacity, we recommend checking with the Fannie Mae Early Funding Desk to confirm that your wiring instructions/setup with us are current. You may also want to consider adding ASAP Plus® or ASAP Sale® to round out your delivery capabilities. This onboarding process may take time, but it is easier and less stressful to do this before you need it!

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