Fannie Mae supports those who house America through single-family mortgage products and solutions

Our Single-Family business helps lenders originate quality affordable mortgages using innovative digital processes. Our funding makes products such as the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage possible, providing homeowners with predictable mortgage payments over the life of the loan. It remains the most popular choice among homeowners.

Working Together

From pricing to technology to support, there are many benefits to working together:

  • Innovative Mortgage Solutions for today’s homebuyers 
  • Clear, Consistent Pricing in all markets at all times
  • Powerful Technology and streamlined, value-driven servicing tools
  • Ease of Doing Business without a pre-purchase review or fees
  • Fast Funding available as soon as the same day loans are certified
  • Service and Support offers the answers you need quickly

If you are not currently a Fannie Mae seller or servicer, learn more about working with Fannie Mae. 


Affordable Homeownership

Fannie Mae is creating more options for more homebuyers by tackling access to credit and housing affordability challenges. We provide our customers a variety of innovative loan products to meet their borrower’s needs. 

Fostering Diversity and Opportunities

Since its inception in 2018, Fannie Mae has been a partner in the Appraiser Diversity Initiative, attracting new entrants to the real estate appraisal field while fostering diversity in the profession.


In the fast-paced mortgage industry, staying competitive means seizing every opportunity.

We continue to invest in our technology solutions and process automation to keep your business moving forward.

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