Appraiser Diversity Initiative™ (ADI)

Appraisals play a vital role in housing finance. ADI was launched to raise awareness of real estate appraisal career options through outreach events and to facilitate opportunities for overcoming barriers to entry in the field. In conjunction with the Appraisal Institute, Freddie Mac, and the National Urban League, Fannie Mae is helping to build appraisal career path awareness. ADI focuses on scholarships, mentoring, and an introduction to job opportunities, using approaches designed to educate, advise, and provide financial assistance to candidates through scholarships.

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Our biggest need is for supervisor sponsors and financial donations. Supervisors work with appraiser trainees as they gain their experience hours required to become fully certified in their state. Financial donations allow ADI to provide quality scholarships and benefits to the scholarship winners. Find out how you can help help advance ADI’s initiative by contacting us.

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Recognizing the need for diversity in the real estate appraisal profession, ADI offers workshops and events tailored to meet that need. In addition to discussing many aspects of a career as an appraiser, attendees have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to the program.
These events cover topics such as:

  • The need for diverse real estate appraisers
  • What an appraiser does
  • Requirements to become an appraiser
  • Panel discussions with working appraisers

Attend a Workshop

ADI hosts “How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser” workshops throughout the U.S. and virtually. These workshops inform attendees about the multiple career paths available as well as opportunities to work flexible hours in the field or office. Learn how to become an appraiser, ask questions during discussion time with a panel of local successful appraisers, and hear about scholarship opportunities.

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ADI offers scholarship opportunities to aspiring appraisers needing financial assistance. To be eligible, potential candidates must attend an ADI workshop and submit the requested application. Scholarships include initial trainee education, books, calculators, paid conference events, and more.

14 students receive scholarships qualifying education courses as part of Appraiser Diversity Initiative

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Scholarship winners receive:

  • Hands-on support throughout the program
  • Opportunity to learn from an advisor
  • Monthly check-ins with program representatives
  • Monthly meetings with peers and colleagues
  • Access to the ADI email inbox
  • Numerous opportunities to network and connect with leaders, colleagues, and peers in the real estate appraisal profession

Scholarships help students like Jessica achieve their goals


Advisors play a vital part in the initiative. They are volunteers who have a background in the real estate appraisal profession and want to help program attendees reach their potential.

The role of an advisor is to:

  • Provide one-on-one assistance to scholarship winners
  • Assist with course work
  • Answer industry-related questions

Help motivated trainees like Marcus be successful as an appraiser


Programs like ADI rely heavily on sponsors for a variety of support. Sponsorships allow your organization to foster diversity in the appraisal field.

Inquiries on the program can be addressed by visiting

ADI relies on sponsors for:

  • Resources for supervisor/advisor support
  • Workshop sponsorships
  • Service technology support
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Introduction to job opportunities
  • Monetary support

ADI Success Story: See how JP Morgan Chase and Flagstar Bank support diversity in the residential appraisal field

JPMorgan Chase and Flagstar Bank put their financial support behind a growing movement to bring more diversity to the real estate appraisal profession with donations of $3 million and $1 million, respectively, to the Appraiser Diversity Initiative.

Read about JPMorgan Chase     Read about Flagstar Bank

Appraiser Diversity Intiatives FAQs

The Appraiser Diversity Initiative (ADI) is designed to attract new entrants to the real estate appraisal field while fostering diversity in the profession by reaching diverse, talented candidates and educating them about the appraisal profession. Launched in 2018, ADI provides resources for interested candidates to help them get on a path to success.

A real estate appraiser is a valuation professional who uses their knowledge and current data to develop an opinion of value for real property (residential or commercial).

Mortgage lenders rely on appraisers to give a fair and accurate values of real estate. Appraisers are also important to homeowners and communities because of the economic impact housing values have on the community.

Scholarships are administered and partially funded by the Appraisal Institute with additional funding from industry donors. Information on how to apply for an ADI scholarship is provided at the end of each workshop.

The ADI scholarship is designed to support a journey to appraiser trainee and includes all state required qualifying education. Additional benefits include a financial calculator, books, paid conference events, a host of monthly community support activities and more.

ADI sponsors include industry guidance and in kind assistance.

Industry Guidance:

  • Supervisor sponsors are state certified real estate appraisers committed to working with an appraiser trainee as they gain their field experience hours.
  • Advisor sponsors are valuation professionals who offer mentorship and guidance to scholarship winners as they complete their qualifying education, without the formal agreement of a supervisor.

In Kind Assistance:

  • Servicer/Technology sponsors make a financial commitment or provides goods or services to ADI participants, such as access to real estate appraisal technology platforms, and data services.
  • Community sponsors commit to recruiting potential trainee candidates by promoting and advertising upcoming ADI workshops in organization newsletters and publications.
  • Workshop sponsors make a financial commitment towards hosting an ADI workshop, including expenses such as meals, audio visual, facilities, etc.

The biggest need is for supervisor sponsors and financial donations. Supervisors work with appraiser trainees as they gain their experience hours required to become fully certified in their state. Financial donations allow ADI to provide quality scholarships and benefits to the scholarship winners.

ADI awards 200+ scholarships annually.

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