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Manufactured Housing Financing

Affordable Financing Options

With the country facing a shortage of housing supply, manufactured housing provides a solution for borrowers ready to purchase affordable homes. Whether a borrower is taking one of the most affordable paths to homeownership, or a more attainable alternative to site-built homes, Fannie Mae offers options to help a range of customers achieve the dream of homeownership.

Why Choose Conventional MH Financing?

  • Cancellable Mortgage Insurance: Mortgage insurance is cancellable once the borrower reaches 20% equity, resulting in savings during the life of the loan.
  • Available to a range of borrowers: Borrowers with Credit score ≥ 620 are eligible; borrowers with credit scores ≥ 680 may get even better pricing.
  • Temporary interest rate buydowns: Mortgages secured by Standard MH (single- and multi-width) and MH Advantage may have temporary interest rate buydowns to help borrowers take advantage of interest rate savings.
  • From single-width to similar-to-site-built: Whether financing MH Advantage homes with site-built features, or more affordable single-width MH, Fannie Mae has an offering for your borrowers.

Conventional MH financing is helping lenders grow their business


American Financial Resources made homeownership accessible for more borrowers with single-width MH financing.

United Wholesale Mortgage saw results on day 1 with Conventional MH financing.

Land Home Financial Services has partnered with developers to bring MH Advantage® eligible-homes to subdivisions.

MH mortgages

  Standard MH
For traditional single- and multi-width manufactured homes.
Fact Sheet
MH Advantage
For homes built to appeal to site-built borrowers.
Fact Sheet
Minimum down payment 5% 3%

Must be titled as real property

See Titling Resources

Yes Yes
Design Traditional single- and multi- width homes. Multi- width homes with features similar to site-built homes. See Home Specs


See Appraisal Resources

Must include a minimum of two manufactured home comps. Additional requirements for single-width MH. Must use MH Advantage comps if available. If fewer than three MH Advantage comps are unavailable, appraisers shall use a minimum of two site-built comps.
LLPA 0.50%* N/A
Temporary interest rate buydowns Permitted on loans for Standard MH and MH Advantage (excluding cash-out refinances and investor properties). See buydown policies

MI Coverage

See MI Coverage Requirements

Varies from site-built homes. Consistent with site-built homes.
Eligible home manufacturers All manufacturers See a list of MH Advantage Participating Manufacturers

See the MH Product Matrix for more information about MH Advantage and Standard MH Financing.

As of February 1, 2023, Fannie Mae will require that, in the absence of three MH Advantage homes, appraisers must include a minimum of two site-built homes as comparable sales in their appraisals for MH Advantage. View the Selling Guide Announcement.

*Loan Level Price Adjustments (LLPAs) are waived for homebuyers that meet certain income requirements and Duty to Serve loans. See the LLPA Matrix and Duty to Serve eligibility requirements for details.

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