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Expand your business with MH Advantage-eligible homes

New homebuyer demand remains strong, and you can meet that demand with an attainable housing option that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Built with features and aesthetics comparable to site-built homes, MH Advantage®-qualifying homes can help you expand your business into new markets and at lower price points. They allow you to adjust to market dynamics and offer a less expensive product that comes to market faster than traditional site-built housing. Manufactured homes (MH) are built in a controlled environment, which minimizes the impact of weather delays and labor constraints.

Incorporating these innovative homes into your next development can improve cost savings, especially when compared to site-built homes. They can also offer new homebuyers an affordable path to homeownership.

The benefits of MH Advantage-eligible homes

MH Advantage-eligible homes can offer faster speed to market, cost savings for builders and developers, high-quality features, and attractive financing. Learn more about each benefit below.

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MH Advantage-eligible homes cut down on construction time because they are produced in a factory. Building the homes in climate-controlled factories optimizes construction technology, cuts costs, reduces waste, and avoids weather delays. Drivers transport the homes to the homesite for installation and final inspection. The time saved during this process means faster production schedules, more precise budgeting, and less inventory onsite in comparison with the production of site-built homes.

Homebuilders and developers can realize significant cost savings during construction. Cost savings come from various factors like economies of scale that can significantly drive down the unit costs. These savings also help increase profit margins and offset higher land costs. A recent research study determined the hard cost for construction, site preparation, delivery, and installation of a new MH Advantage qualified home ranged from $70 to $120* per square foot depending on the market. If your hard costs are above that threshold, leveraging MH Advantage eligible homes in the next development project could help you generate substantial savings.

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*Data analysis is based on Zonda, formerly known as Meyers Research, research data published in August 2020 and FHFA AMI data.

The design of MH Advantage-eligible homes keeps homebuyer’s interests top of mind. The homes include steep-pitch roofs and low-profile foundations that allow them to blend into traditional neighborhoods. Homebuyers can customize these energy-efficient homes with sought-after features, like porches and garages. The homes include modern amenities, such as open floorplans, as well as kitchens and bathrooms that have solid or veneered wooden cabinetry.

An MH Advantage mortgage plays a critical role during the homebuying process, because it can provide prospective homebuyers the benefits of conventional financing. Homebuyers can make a down payment as low as 3%, which makes these homes even more affordable. This attractive financing option offers lower interest rates than mortgages for standard manufactured homes with 30-year fixed-rate financing. Learn more about the affordable financing options that support mortgage lending for manufactured homes.

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