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Desktop Underwriter & Desktop Originator

Why they’re right for you

Today, more than ever, mortgage industry professionals need to save time to generate more business.  Desktop Underwriter® (DU®)  – the industry-leading underwriting system – helps lenders efficiently complete credit risk assessments to establish a home loan’s eligibility for sale and delivery to Fannie Mae with easy-to-use, powerful tools. ​

Rely on Fannie Mae’s industry-leading automated mortgage loan underwriting system to:​

  • ​Provide a pathway to Day 1 Certainty® and help reduce paperwork and cycle time via the DU validation service.​
  • Help lenders, brokers, and correspondents generate more loans, boost profitability, improve customer service and gain a competitive advantage in a tough marketplace.​

Through Desktop Originator (DO®), sponsored mortgage brokers have access to DU.​


Desktop Underwriter & Desktop Originator Availability

Every day, 24 hours a day, except from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. ET the first and third Sundays each month due to maintenance.

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Features & Benefits
  • Delivers speedy and efficient underwriting recommendations by aligning with lender processes
  • Fast and dependable automated underwriting options for purchase and refinance loans ​
  • Improved credit risk assessment using Trended Credit Data
  • Capability to analyze explanations for inaccurate foreclosures, bankruptcy, and mortgage delinquency information on a borrower’s credit report that would affect recommendation and eligibility for sale to Fannie Mae
  • Action-oriented and detailed messages via the DU Underwriting Findings report
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Technology Terms & Conditions

The Technology Terms and Conditions previously provided on this page are now located in the new Consolidated Technology Guide. A PDF version of the Guide and other related content is available on the Consolidated Technology Guide page