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Validate assets, income, and employment with a single source of data

Transform your workflow with one asset report.

Lenders using Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) can now validate income and employment in addition to assets using a borrower’s asset account information, satisfying Fannie Mae’s documentation requirements for income, employment, and assets using a single source of data.

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By using an asset verification report with at least 12-months
of bank account data, lenders may also be able to:

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There are no special approvals required to participate, but lenders must opt in to activate the service.

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Why use a 12-month asset report

With the DU validation service, you’re empowered to use the data that best supports your validation needs. Gain further efficiencies by prioritizing use of an asset verification report for income and employment validation, with a waterfall to additional documentation to meet Selling Guide requirements only when necessary.


*12 months of data is required to validate income and employment.

How income and employment validation works using an asset verification report

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Is using an asset verification report to validate income and employment the right fit for you? There are no special approvals required to participate, but lenders must opt-in to activate the service.

Step 1: Learn more and ensure you’re prepared by reviewing the Lender Readiness Checklist.

Step 2: Opt in to receive income and employment from an asset report request.

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Asset Repository

Lenders delivering loans to Fannie Mae which reference an asset verification report can download and retrieve the report data. Access to this capability is available in Fannie Mae Connect through the Asset Data File Access report only by the entity whose DU Institution ID last submitted the DU casefile.

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Lender Considerations

To learn more about Fannie Mae's requirements for lender retention of access to the asset verification report, refer to the Selling Guide. Lenders remain responsible for determining what documentation is needed to meet the lender's obligations under all applicable laws and regulations, including Ability to Repay and the Qualified Mortgage Rule. 

Fannie Mae Connect Reports

We offer reports to provide analytical insights to help make the most out of the DU validation service, such as Income & Employment Validation from an Asset Report.