Applications & Technology

Evaluate more borrower data

With an asset verification report

Every borrower is different. So finding new ways to evaluate borrower data is key to helping more people become homeowners while giving lenders confidence in their lending decisions.

Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) utilizes asset verification reports to validate borrower asset data and more – including considering rent payments for first-time homebuyers and money management habits for borrowers without credit scores. This additional view into a borrower's financial health can help enhance DU’s credit assessment and enable lenders to qualify more borrowers.

Increase lending opportunities

Gain efficiencies 

  • Reduce paperwork by using digital capabilities
  • Save time for lenders and borrowers
  • Simplify the underwriting process to satisfy the nontraditional credit reference requirements per the Selling Guide (for borrowers with no credit score)

Propel your business with powerful capabilities and make the most of every lending opportunity.

Resources to talk to borrowers

Borrowers may have questions about asset validation. Here are some tips to proactively help:

  • Share what validation is
  • Discuss the process and how it works
  • Explain the security measures your company has in place to protect their data

Here are resources to help with your conversations:

Asset Validation for a Better Borrower Experience

Intro to Asset Validation