Lender Activation Form for Income and Employment Validation using an Asset Verification Report

Submitting this form will request activation to validate income and employment using an asset verification report through Desktop Underwriter ® (DU®). You will receive an email notification upon activation, approximately 1-2 weeks after the request is submitted. Activations will begin starting March 29.

Please do not enter any personally identifiable information or confidential information here, as this is not an encrypted form.
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Please review and complete the lender readiness checklist before submitting this form.
Please note: You will not receive the benefits of this enhancement until you are set up with an asset provider and ordering reports.
Select your approved DU validation service asset verification report supplier(s)
AccountChek by Informative Research
Finicity, a Mastercard Company
Blend Labs
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If there are any institution IDs that you do not want activated, please include them here. Otherwise, all active institution IDs that have submitted at least one loan within the last 12 months will be activated. View instructions on how to look up your institution ID.
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