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Pricing & Execution - MBS

Important: Beginning November 19, 2021, your ability to access this application will be impacted if you haven’t updated your browser and/or client software to the latest version. 
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Transparent pricing when delivering mortgage loans to Fannie Mae under MBS execution

With Pricing & Execution – MBS® (PE-MBS) enables simple and efficient delivery of MBS to us. Use the application to quickly browse live guaranty fees pricing, easily create mandatory commitments, and efficiently manage committing and delivery processes.

Pricing & Execution - MBS Availability

Every day, 24 hours a day, except from 10 p.m. ET Saturday to 6 a.m. ET Sunday the third week each month due to maintenance.

All Technology Application Availability
  • Create and manage mandatory commitments
  • Easy access to live guaranty fees (g-fees)
  • Export g-fees for single, multiple, or all eligible products
  • Efficient execution of pair-offs and rolls
  • Detailed pipeline views
  • Eliminates manual processes for obtaining g-fee pricing
  • Provides pricing transparency and certainty MBS base g-fee pricing
  • Ability to lock in guaranty fees, delivery tolerances, and roll and pair-off fees
  • Closely aligns with how sellers manage pricing and pipeline
  • Complements Pricing & Execution – Whole Loan® for a consistent committing experience across MBS and whole loan executions