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Loan Delivery

Loan Delivery is a web-based application through which lenders submit loans to Fannie Mae for Whole loan sale and MBS Pools.

In Loan Delivery, you can import or manually enter loan and pool data, perform edits to facilitate error-free delivery, track the status of loan deliveries, generate reports, and export loan and pool data for use elsewhere in your organization.

Loan Delivery Availability

Every day, 24 hours a day, except from 8 a.m. ET Saturday to 8 a.m. ET Sunday due to maintenance. 

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Use Loan Delivery to:

  • Edit data against Fannie Mae business rules at the pool or loan level
  • Compare data submitted to Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) against your loan delivery data
  • Submit MBS corrections, wiring instructions and revisions, and request pool numbers
  • Retrieve whole loan commitment data
  • Search, filter and sort data easily with enhanced capabilities for pool, commitment, and loan data
  • View the current certification status of pools, which is automatically updated (when your custodian uses our Document Certification application)

Additional Resources

The Business Rules Dictionary provides a listing of the business rules (commonly known as "edits") that will generate Warning and Fatal errors in the Loan Delivery application.

Pool Settlement Calendars

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Technology Terms & Conditions

The Technology Terms and Conditions previously provided on this page are now located in the new Consolidated Technology Guide. A PDF version of the Guide and other related content is available on the Consolidated Technology Guide page