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Uniform Closing Dataset Collection Solution

A flexible solution supporting collection and delivery of the Uniform Closing Dataset

UCD Updates 
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The Fannie Mae UCD Collection Solution is a web-based application supporting the electronic delivery of closing data. The UCD Solution offers flexible options for delivering the UCD file at multiple points in your business process and features data quality and eligibility checks. 

UCD Critical Edits Implementation Timeline Announced

Fannie Mae is implementing a two-year transition to convert a select number of edits in the UCD Collection Solution from “warning” to “critical/fatal.” The transition will begin in May 2021 and is designed to enhance data quality and consistency for single-family loans purchased by the GSEs.

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Uniform Closing Dataset Collection Solution Availability

Every day, 24 hours a day, except from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. ET the first and third Sunday of every month due to maintenance.

All Technology Application Availability
  • Flexible Submission Options – Submit either a single file or batch file (containing multiple UCD XML files).
  • Feedback Messaging – Receive clear and concise data quality and eligibility feedback messages.
  • Casefile Identifier – A single Casefile ID is associated with each UCD XML file submission.
  • Direct Integration (DI) – Our business-to-business integration platform enables UCD file submission directly from a lender’s system and generates feedback messages. 
  • Web-based User Interface (UI) – Allows users to quickly import UCD files and receive feedback messages; it’s available via the Launch App button above or via the link within Loan Delivery. 

Existing Fannie Mae Sellers can grant new users access to the UCD Collection Solution. Users who require access should contact their Technology Manager Corporate Administrator.

If you are a new Seller with Fannie Mae, you will need to be granted access to the UCD Collection Solution as part of your onboarding process. 

Technology Manager Administrators will need to follow the process of granting users access in the Technology Manager application. Your Fannie Mae representative is also available to assist you. 

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