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Web-based Income Calculator now available
Mortgage professionals can use Income Calculator from our website to gain more certainty of loan quality by quickly and accurately calculating income for self-employed borrowers, while receiving enforcement relief from rep and warrant on the income calculation . Learn more



We help ensure stability in the market by facilitating sound lending practices and creating solutions designed to help reduce homeownership barriers for underserved communities and future generations. Through recent product enhancements, policy updates, and innovative underwriting solutions, Fannie Mae supports the housing market.

New and updated solutions:


Recent Updates to Our Underwriting Policies

Increasing LTV ratios for loans on 2-4-unit principal residences which we believe can help lenders reduce down payment costs and helps create more affordable housing opportunities for renters.

  • Release notes – Read the November 18 update to DU
  • Perspectives blog - A Journey to More Equitable Mortgage Standards
  • White paper - “Responsibly Increasing Affordable Housing Supply & Access to Credit.”

DU removed the number of borrowers on a loan as part of the risk assessment. This is intended to help increase mortgage access for a growing number of single heads of households.

Lenders are now able to use a borrower-provided paystub or bank statement to satisfy the verification of employment requirement. With these alternatives, lenders may be able to increase operational efficiency.

Selling Guide B3-3.1-02, Standards for Employment Documentation

Lenders may treat 15% of Social Security income and the full amount of qualifying child support income as nontaxable income without having to provide documentation evidencing the nontaxable status. This nontaxable income may then be grossed up and added to qualifying income.

Selling Guide B3-3.1-01, General Income Information

Our journey toward a more equitable housing market

We continue to help make housing more accessible and affordable by harnessing technology and data to set new standards in a way we believe is safe and secure. Our latest enhancements to increase LTV ratios for loans on multi-unit residences and removing the number of borrowers included on a mortgage application as a risk factor in DU's assessment are just two steps along our path to help reduce homeownership barriers for underserved communities and future generations. Our journey continues toward housing that’s accessible and affordable to all.