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Fannie Mae's journey toward a more equitable housing market

Fannie Mae continues to help make housing more accessible and affordable by harnessing technology and data to set new standards in a way we believe is safe and secure.

DU’s latest enhancements include increasing LTV ratios for loans on multi-unit residences, which we believe will help reduce down payment costs and create more affordable housing opportunities for renters. In addition, we have removed the number of borrowers included on a mortgage application as a risk factor in DU's assessment. We believe this will help boost homeownership access for a rising number of single heads of households.

These are just two steps along our path to help reduce homeownership barriers for underserved communities and future generations. Our journey continues toward housing that’s accessible and affordable to all.

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With the Nov. 18, 2023 release, DU® reflects updates to our underwriting policies that we believe will help lenders improve access to mortgage loans and help increase access to rental housing. Learn how these updates and other changes are helping to create sustainable and equitable homeownership opportunities.