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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

New! Mission Score API allows lenders and technology service providers (TSPs) to identify mission-oriented lending opportunities that can help inform decisions regarding best execution for secondary market sales. Learn more.


Fannie Mae APIs were developed to improve your business

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become integral across the entire technology landscape. For mortgage lenders, APIs are being recognized as a critical technology that provides immense potential to automate process, improve opportunities and accuracy, as well as reducing costs and workloads.

Our Business Partner APIs have been specially designed and tuned to address the needs of our current customers. Leverage our Public APIs to access free public housing data. Our APIs can be found on the Fannie Mae Developer Portal.

At Fannie Mae, we are committed to improving your experience with us, as well as with your borrower. Our dedicated team will work with you directly to provide easy integration as you grow and improve your business by implementing Fannie Mae APIs.

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Browse our Business Partner APIs by the stages of the loan lifecycle

AMI Lookup and HomeReady Evaluation 

Leverage borrower’s AMI requirement to enable early identification of HomeReady eligible loans in advance of DU submission.

Appraisal File Retrieval 

Provides access to the full appraisal data in an easily consumable file format (XML) as submitted by lenders and agents to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP).

Appraisal Findings Summary

Get appraisal summary status, findings, messages, and Collateral Underwriter (CU) risk score to simplify appraisal summary data sharing.

DU Messages

Further automate the origination process by retrieving DU findings at any point in the process.

Loan Lookup

Determine in real time if a loan is owned by Fannie Mae for the purpose of identifying eligibility for underwriting and/or appraisal flexibilities.

Mission Score

Identify mission-oriented lending opportunities when making decisions regarding their best execution for secondary market sales.

Loan Pricing

Obtain indicative Servicing Released Premiums (SRP) pricing for whole loans in real-time.

Servicing Released Premium Rate Sheets

Servicers can now automate the upload process by removing the need to log into the Fannie Mae Servicing Marketplace platform (SMP).

Whole Loan Purchase Advice Sellers

Easily retrieve loan-level financial details about the whole loan purchase.

Loan Servicing Property Valuation Order Management

Automate the process for ordering a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) or appraisal to establish the current value of a property for the purpose of evaluating a loan for Mortgage Insurance (MI) termination.

Pre-Foreclosure Property Inspections and Preservation

Automate the manual processes required to retrieve and report data for delinquent loans related to inspection requirements.

Mortgage Insurance Termination Evaluation

Quickly determine if a loan is eligible for Mortgage Insurance (MI) termination.

Buy Up Buy Down Daily
Get loan-level details from the previous day’s closed MBS pools

Committing and Delivery Fee Draft Notifications

Retrieve all adjustments made at the loan, commitment, and lender levels

Loan-Level Draft Notifications

Allow servicers to obtain draft notifications data from numerous Fannie Mae Connect reports

Technology Services Invoices

Automate the manual processes to ingest, reconcile, and look up amounts on open invoices

Whole Loan Purchase Advice Servicers

Easily retrieve loan-level financial details about the whole loan purchase

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Lennar Mortgage, LLC

Learn how Lennar Mortgage, LLC leveraged Fannie Mae’s DU Messages API to further streamline their underwriting processes, resulting in a significant reduction in re-work and allowing for easier identification of borrowers for their Lennar Mortgage Elite loan program.

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Contact your Sales Engineer or Customer Delivery Team representative to get started. See the Quick Start Guide for more details.

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