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Fannie Mae has established a (single family) property data standard and API to collect data/images consistently. The process encourages the use of emerging technologies to capture property information, imagery, and floor plan. When a lender receives a value acceptance + property data offer they are required to obtain a property data collection (PDC) to validate the property description and eligibility. If the loan loses eligibility for value acceptance + property data due to changes to qualifying criteria made by the lender in DU, the PDC can be used to inform a hybrid appraisal in limited cases. The goals of this process are to provide efficiency in reducing appraisal fulfillment timelines, create more objective data, reduce bias, and address a growing appraiser capacity concern. 

The Property Data Collection (PDC) consists of a full interior and exterior inspection of the subject property. The data collection can be performed by a trained and vetted property data collector and must adhere to Fannie Mae’s Property Data Standard. Once the PDC is collected and passes quality controls checks, it must be submitted to Fannie Mae’s Property Data API. 

This page provides guidelines and resources for users of Fannie Mae’s Property Data API and/or Single Family Property Data Standard. 

Property Data API Documentation
Test Cases and Sample Files (V6)
  • PDA Version 6 Test Cases (coming soon)
  • JSONs V6 (zip file with tech specifications) (coming soon)
  • Sample Images V6 (zip file with tech specifications) (coming soon)
  • Image Metadata V6 (zip file with tech specifications) (coming soon)
Test Cases and Sample Files (V5) Retiring July 1, 2023
Property Data API Review Tool Resources