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Broker Sponsorships: New Technology Manager Process

Effective March 11, 2024, broker sponsorship requests will remain valid for 180 days. If the request is not addressed within 180 days, it will be removed, and the broker will need to submit a new request.


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Mortgage Brokers and Correspondents understand the importance of reducing risk and working more efficiently. That’s why they choose Fannie Mae applications.

Get to know Fannie Mae’s wide variety of technology solutions.  Start with Desktop Originator® (DO®), our leading automated underwriting system, which helps you qualify borrowers faster and underwrite quality loans. 

Resources for Mortgage Brokers

Getting Started with Desktop Originator (DO)

Mortgage brokers originate loans for sponsoring lenders using DO. This requires a unique account.

  • Use DO Online Registration for Brokers to register your organization online for DO (if your organization has already registered, do not use this link to re-register). Use Technology Manager to manage users going forward.
  • Once your registration is accepted by a sponsoring lender, you can begin using DO.

If you're not sure your company already has DO, contact the Technology Support Center.

Other resources include:


Correspondent Lender Resources

Learn about the DO Preliminary Findings enhancement effective August 19, 2023.

Register for applications your sponsoring lender may require.

Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP)

UCDP is a single portal to submit appraisal reports for conventional mortgages delivered to Fannie Mae.

Once registered for UCDP you can register for the following applications:

Collateral Underwriter® (CU®)

Supports proactive management of appraisal quality using an automated risk assessment of an appraisal report.

Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD)

Provides a common industry dataset to support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) Closing Disclosure.

Condo Project Manager™ (CPM™)

Enables lenders to quickly and easily certify a condominium project (or a legal phase of a project).

File Transfer Portal (FTP)

The electronic document submission format through which electronic files and documents requested during the approval process may be uploaded.

Technology Manager

Allows User Administrators to manage their user's access to Fannie Mae technology applications.


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