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New File Transfer Solutions

As part of our continued effort to ensure the safety and security of sensitive financial data, we are changing how customers upload files for certain activities. Processes that use the File Transfer Portal will switch to one of two a new method. The new methods include:

The existing File Transfer Portal will be retired on March 29, 2024.


About the Transition

Why are we switching to new file transfer options?

Ensuring your data is safely and securely provided to us is a priority. We are enhancing our solutions to increase flexibility and security during file transmissions.

How will I know which option to use?

We will communicate directly with users that should begin using one of the new solutions. If you receive a message and are having problems accessing your new solution, contact the Technology Support Center at 800-2FANNIE (800-232-6643).

More about the New solutions


Solution About How do I prepare
BOX BOX employs various security measures such as multifactor authentication, and data encryption, to ensure the safety of file transfers.

Users will be invited to the BOX workspace by Fannie Mae. If you or your users do not currently have a BOX account, follow the set-up instructions.

View more about BOX

File Transfer Portal Our new file transfer solution is an updated service that uses virus scanning and other security measures to ensure safe transmission of file uploads and downloads.

Existing Users: Users will be transitioning to the new File Portal solution will be notified by Fannie Mae to begin using the new solution. The user account will be transitioned to the new solution automatically.

New Users: If you are a new user requiring access to a specific workflow, work with your Corporate Administrator to gain access to the workflow. If you are uncertain, please contact the Fannie Mae representative/team that you are working with to confirm.


Technology Terms & Conditions

The Technology Terms and Conditions previously provided on this page are now located in the new Consolidated Technology Guide. A PDF version of the Guide and other related content is available on the Consolidated Technology Guide page