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Requesting Sponsoring Lenders

This document explains how to use the Desktop Originator® Online Registration application to request additional lender sponsorships. The length of the sponsorship acceptance process varies by lender because some lenders may ask for additional information before approving your request. The acceptance of sponsorship requests is at the sole discretion of the lender.

Note: Before you can begin this process, you must already be a registered user of Desktop Originator (DO®). If you are not yet registered for DO, refer instead to the Registering online for Desktop Originator  job aid. 

  1. Go to the Technology Manager Application Log In page.
  2. Enter your username and password, then click Sign On

  1. The screen options you see will depend on your role. Each view is shown below. Regardless of your view, click Request Additional Sponsorships
  • If you are a User Administrator, your view will look like the following. 


  • If you are not a User Administrator, your view will look like the following.


  1. Select the applicable Institution and the Lender Name for the sponsorship request and click the > arrow. Once selections are complete, click Continue

Note: If your organization has only one institution ID, it will be defaulted as the selected institution on the right. If your organization has more than two institution IDs, the applicable institution must be selected using the Add option. 


  1. On the confirmation screen, click Continue to submit your request. 

  1. The Thank You! screen appears, indicating that your request has been submitted to the lender. You can print a copy for your records. Click the Dashboard link to close the window and return to your homepage.

Note: A confirmation email is sent to the email address you specified, indicating that a sponsorship request was submitted to the lender. The email also includes a tracking number that you can use if you need to contact the lender to determine the status of your request.

For further assistance contact the Technology Service Center at 800-2FANNIE (232-6643), or your Fannie Mae representative.