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Servicing Transfer Approval

To request a servicing transfer approval, submit a completed Request for Approval of Servicing or Subservicing Transfer (Form 629) via the Quick Exchange application.

Servicing Transfer Approval Availability

Every day, 24 hours a day.

All Technology Application Availability


  • Simplifies the servicing transfer process by providing a single consolidated data entry point for Form 629
  • Provides transparency and notifies all impacted servicers of the request status and additional information as needed
  • Minimizes the submission of erroneous forms due to inconsistent format or incorrect data
  • Eliminates manual email submission 

REO Servicing Transfers

REO Servicing Transfers must be submitted using the Form 629 excel template to [email protected].


Any servicer receiving approval for the transfer must transmit loan-level information for mortgage loan(s). Learn more about eTransfers.