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Servicing Transfer Approval

To request a servicing transfer approval, submit a completed Request for Approval of Servicing or Subservicing Transfer (Form 629) via the Quick Exchange application.


View the Servicing Transfers Origination and Modification Data Report in Fannie Mae Connect.

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Servicing Transfer Approval Availability

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  • Simplifies the servicing transfer process by providing a single consolidated data entry point for Form 629
  • Provides transparency and notifies all impacted servicers of the request status and additional information as needed
  • Minimizes the submission of erroneous forms due to inconsistent format or incorrect data
  • Eliminates manual email submission 

REO Servicing Transfers

REO Servicing Transfers must be submitted using the Form 629 excel template to [email protected].


Any servicer receiving approval for the transfer must transmit loan-level information for mortgage loan(s). Learn more about eTransfers.

MISMO Servicing Transfers Catalog


The MISMO Servicing Transfers Catalog (MSTC) contains industry standard templates for the minimum set of instructional and transactional documentation required when conducting a servicer-to-servicer transfer of a portfolio of residential mortgage loans. It also includes templates and best practices for servicing transfer instructions, portfolio characteristics, image transfer schedules, required reporting, reconciliation and more.
Servicing Transfer Catalog | MISMO