Loss Mitigation

Resources to help both servicers and borrowers manage delinquent mortgage loans and avoid foreclosure.

Guiding Homeowners Through Forbearance

New resources are available to support servicers having forbearance discussions with homeowners impacted by COVID-19.

View COVID-19 Forbearance Script for Servicer Use with Homeowners
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Retention Options

Fannie Mae offers servicers flexible ways to help borrowers retain their homes while enduring temporary hardship.

Loan modification

Borrowers may be able to modify the original mortgage terms, such as payment amount, loan term, or interest rate.

Repayment plans

Servicers are authorized to evaluate a borrower for a repayment plan when the delinquency results from a temporary hardship that no longer appears to be a problem.

Disaster recovery

Following a disaster, borrowers can take advantage of forbearance plans for up to 12 months while they recover and rebuild.


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Non-Retention Options

When retention isn’t a viable option, Fannie Mae offers liquidation options.

Mortgage Release ™

A Mortgage Release allows the homeowner to voluntarily transfer the ownership of the property to the owner of your mortgage in exchange for a release from the mortgage loan and payments.

Short Sale

A short sale allows a borrower to sell their home for less than the balance remaining on the mortgage, avoiding a foreclosure.


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Property Preservation

As part of overall neighborhood stabilization efforts, servicers must ensure the quality of property maintenance services throughout the default process to eliminate community blight and protect housing values.


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