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Property 360

Fannie Mae has automated the process for the reimbursement of capitalized advances on loan modifications and work out incentives and has transitioned it to Property 360™


Streamlined technology for faster expense reimbursements, REOgram confirmations, and pre-foreclosure preservation.

The Property 360™ application is the single system to manage expense reimbursement and confirm REOgrams™ with Fannie Mae. It’s also an integration option for servicers to access the Pre-Foreclosure Property Inspection & Preservation Program. Property 360 applies automation and real-time data to simplify processes, reduce manual data entry, and provide time and cost savings for servicers.

Property 360 Availability

Every day, 24 hours a day.

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Expense Reimbursement

Planned functionality of Property 360 will include:

  • Proactive feedback provided on potential denials and prepayment audits 
  • Escalations and inquiries submitted within the application
  • Access loan-level expenses, financial details, and expense approvals


  • Automatically creates REO cases by using real-time data sources, which eliminate the need for servicers to manually submit REOgram notifications
  • Offers near real-time exception reporting for any data discrepancies
  • Servicers will use Property 360 to review and confirm whether a property has been transferred into REO due to foreclosure or Mortgage Release and/or resolve any exceptions related to the REOgram

Pre-Foreclosure Property Inspection & Preservation Program

  • Property 360 is a data integration option for servicers to access the Pre-Foreclosure Property Inspection & Preservation Program
  • Easily submit pre-foreclosure loans for the program
  • Eliminates inspection and preservation expenditures for servicers
  • Reduces the process and wait time for reimbursement from Fannie Mae


Property 360 is a no-cost solution for servicers. Onboarding is ongoing: