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Supporting quality control using DU validation service

Guidance and resources to assist with pre-funding and post-closing activities

We all know that loan quality matters. The process of assessing quality through your pre-funding and post-closing quality control (QC) is both a Fannie Mae Selling Guide requirement and a key component of your own risk management.

Fannie Mae considers striving for loan quality to be a shared commitment between lenders and Fannie Mae.

Here you’ll find information about QC requirements, process relief, and other responsibilities when leveraging the DU validation service.

Note: Fannie Mae expects vendors on our platform to provide high-quality data. As part of our ongoing vendor monitoring, we encourage lenders to report any data discrepancies they see in any third-party verification reports to Day 1 Certainty Data Discrepancy mailbox.


Lender QC Requirements

In all cases, the lender is responsible for reviewing the whole file (including for any contradictory information) and for re-verifying any components of the loan that were not validated by DU, in accordance with the Selling Guide.

Also, the lender is responsible for complying with any other pre-funding and post-closing QC requirements in the Selling Guide.

Quality Control Considerations

Quality Control Worksheets

We provide guidance to Fannie Mae lenders for required and recommended prefunding and post-closing quality control processes and procedures related to Day 1 Certainty®.

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Day 1 Certainty Prefunding QC Worksheet

Day 1 Certainty Post-Closing QC Worksheet

Monitoring DU Validation Service

You can use reports from Fannie Mae Connect™ to analyze the usage and impact of the DU validation service including:​


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