Seller/Servicer-Initiated Post-Purchase Adjustments

Effective June 8, 2020: For selling and servicing data attribute changes, please email [email protected].

Effective February 24, 2020: The PPA Data Change Matrix has been updated and it includes 25 highlighted data change attributes that no longer require supporting documentation! This will reduce completion time and streamline processing.

Lender Initiated Post-Purchase Adjustments (PPAs)

If you find there is a discrepancy between data attributes submitted at the time of delivery to Fannie Mae and your loan records, a PPA may be required. 

Fannie Mae Initiated PPAs

Fannie Mae’s Data Validation Center (DVC) manages the data validation process. Loans for which Fannie Mae requests a data review are provided to the seller in a DVC Loan Review Report (.xls) in Message Manager. Fannie Mae and the lender will then work together to determine whether a data change is required.