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Lender Letter LL-2023-07 COVID-19 Payment Deferral and Fannie Mae Flex Modification for COVID-19 Impacted Borrowers August 9, 2023-This Lender Letter updates policies previously published in LL 2021-07. Effective Nov. 1, 2023, the Quality Right Party Contact (QRPC) flexibility will be removed when evaluating borrowers for a COVID-19 payment deferral or flex modification. Eligibility criteria for these options will be revised to facilitate their retirement, along with the announcement of a final evaluation date and modification effective date.
Announcement SVC-2023-04 – Servicing Guide Update July 12, 2023-The July Servicing Guide update adjusts the requirements for partial release of security and makes miscellaneous changes.
Announcement SVC-2023-03 – Servicing Guide Update May 10, 2023-The May Servicing Guide update introduces and clarifies requirements for servicing mortgage loans subject to resale restrictions or shared equity provisions; automates the Non-Routine Litigation form and requires electronic submission; and provides an updated agreement for refinancing an eNote in New York.
Lender Letter LL-2023-05 – Advance Notice of Changes to Master Servicing Processes and Systems April 19, 2023-(Updated August 30, 2023) This Lender Letter contains the policies previously published in LL-2021-12 on Dec. 14, 2022, with the changes noted within. It provides advance notice of upcoming changes to our Master Servicing processes and systems. These changes include the retirement of the Servicer’s Reconciliation Facility™ (SURF™) application in 4Q 2023.
Announcement SVC-2023-02 – Servicing Guide Update April 12, 2023-We’ve made miscellaneous Servicing Guide updates related to compliance with requirements and laws; Disaster Response Network™ and Know Your Options™ references; loan property address changes; and certain Fannie Mae contact information. We also posted borrower-facing documents related to our recently updated payment deferral policy.
Lender Letter LL-2023-04 – Payment Deferral, Disaster Payment Deferral, and Other Updates March 29, 2023-(Updated August 9, 2023) This Lender Letter provides an update to the standard payment deferral workout option. Key changes include allowing the deferral of at least two and up to six months of past due principal and interest (P&I) payments, including escrow and servicing advances paid to third parties. The borrower may not defer more than 12 months of cumulative past-due P&I payments over the life of the loan. Servicers may implement these changes starting July 1 but must implement by Oct. 1.
Announcement SVC-2023-01 – Servicing Guide Update March 8, 2023-The March Servicing Guide update includes changes to pre-foreclosure property preservation requirements – specially, updates to property inspections and preservation expense reimbursement limits and guidance; and miscellaneous updates.
Lender Letter LL-2023-03 – Impact of COVID-19 on Servicing March 8, 2023-(Updated August 9, 2023) Updates the provisions regarding the suspension of foreclosure-related activities and filing motions for relief from the automatic stay in certain bankruptcy cases.
Servicing Notice - Legacy LIBOR Replacement Index March 8, 2023-The Servicing Notice announces that the replacement index that will be used for servicing our legacy single-family LIBOR mortgage loans is the spread-adjusted term SOFR administered by the CME Group Benchmark Administration, LTD. and published by Refinitiv Limited. The Federal Reserve Board selected the replacement rates as required by the Adjustable Interest Rate (LIBOR) Act and in anticipation of LIBOR’s cessation on the day after June 30, 2023.
Announcement SVC-2022-08 – Servicing Guide Update December 21, 2022-The December Servicing Guide update aligns the property, flood, and project insurance requirements with updates in the Selling Guide; clarifies compensatory fees for delinquency status reporting; makes updates related to allowable foreclosure attorney fees and costs; and includes miscellaneous updates.
Lender Letter LL-2022-08 – Florida’s Temporary Market Stabilization Arrangement December 7, 2022-This Lender Letter contains temporary guidance on the provisional acceptance of property insurance policies in Florida in conjunction with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation’s (FLOIR) establishment of a temporary reinsurance arrangement through Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens).
Lender Letter LL-2022-07 – Fannie Mae HAMP Modification Termination December 7, 2022-This Lender Letter provides information related to the Making Home Affordable Supplemental Directive 22-01 issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury), and its impact to Fannie Mae HAMP Modification policies.
Announcement SVC-2022-07 – Servicing Guide Update October 12, 2022-The October Servicing Guide update includes changes to the property valuation fees for borrower-initiated mortgage insurance termination; amending the requirement that a servicer cancel an active mortgage loan modification trial period plan when mortgage assistance funds fully reinstate the mortgage loan; and miscellaneous updates.
Lender Letter LL-2022-04 Maintaining Seller/Servicer Eligibility September 21, 2022-At the direction of our regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and in coordination with Freddie Mac, we are updating our minimum financial requirements for seller/servicers, including an enhanced minimum net worth requirement applicable to all sellers/servicers, an enhanced minimum liquidity requirement applicable to all non-depository sellers/servicers, a new origination liquidity requirement applicable to certain non-depository sellers/servicers, and new requirements applicable to large non-depository sellers/servicers.
Announcement SVC-2022-06 – Servicing Guide Update August 10, 2022-The August Servicing Guide update incorporates new policies requiring servicer maintenance of certain fair lending data elements.
Announcement SVC-2022-05 – Servicing Guide Update July 13, 2022-The July Servicing Guide update adds requirements related to state Address Confidentiality Programs and makes other miscellaneous updates.
Announcement SVC-2022-04 – Servicing Guide Update June 8, 2022-The June Servicing Guide update transitions the process for ordering liquidation-related property valuations to Servicing Management Default Underwriter™ (SMDU), which now consolidates all servicer valuation orders into a single platform, and makes several miscellaneous clarifications and updates.
Announcement SVC-2022-03 – Servicing Guide Update May 11, 2022-The May Servicing Guide update incorporates previously announced policies regarding unrecorded assignments of mortgage, changes the method of managing drafting instructions for certain remittances, provides notice of transition to a new default foreclosure and bankruptcy data reporting system, and more.
Announcement SVC-2022-02 – Servicing Guide Update April 13, 2022-The April Servicing Guide update clarifies requirements related to the completion of transfers of ownership of a property, removes the requirement to suspend reporting to the credit bureaus in certain instances related to U.S. servicemembers, and more.
Announcement SVC-2022-01 – Servicing Guide Update February 9, 2022-The February Servicing Guide update includes changes to Fannie Mae short sale and Fannie Mae Mortgage Release™ requirements, modifies certain time frames and processes for HomeStyle® Renovation mortgage loans, updates allowable foreclosure attorney fees and Mortgage Release™ document preparation costs, automates the submission of Form 200, and other miscellaneous updates.