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FAQs: Servicing Marketplace

Here are some common questions and answers from Fannie Mae’s Capital Markets Pricing and Sales Desk (1-800-752-0257). For more information, please check out the Fannie Mae Selling Guide

FAQs updated September 11, 2023

Servicing Marketplace Overview

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  • Q1.
    What is the approval and activation process for sellers to use Servicing Marketplace?

    Eligible sellers can access SMP in Pricing & Execution – Whole Loan® (PE – Whole Loan) and begin by requesting partnerships with any of the participating servicers. The sellers must establish relationship(s) with servicing partners before selling loans servicing-released. Steps for the seller to take with the servicer include: 

    • Executing contract terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) 

    • Finalizing data and document delivery terms and timing 

  • Q2.
    What are the seller net worth requirements for Servicing Marketplace? Are servicers’ net worth requirements different than Fannie Mae's?

    Fannie Mae requires minimum net worth of $2.5MM+ (greater of 25bps of Servicing UPB, or 25 bps of Bifurcated deliveries for the past three years) to participate in Servicing Marketplace. Servicers may have their own net worth requirements for sellers that differ from Fannie Mae's requirements.  

  • Q3.
    Is there a minimum transaction volume to participate in Servicing Marketplace?

    Fannie Mae does not require a minimum volume to participate. However, sellers establish agreements directly with servicers, who may have volume minimums and limits. See the list of participating servicers, which notes which servicers have minimum delivery requirements. 

  • Q4.
    Do Product and Pricing Engines (PPEs) and hedge advisor firms have access to pricing in Servicing Marketplace?

    Yes, companies can obtain pricing through their approved seller’s access to the Fannie Mae committing platform, PE – Whole Loan. Servicers provide rate sheets in a standardized format and through API calls. See the list of current integrators.  

Quick Launch

  • Q5.
    Who is eligible to use Quick Launch?

    Newly approved Fannie Mae sellers and existing sellers not currently using Servicing Marketplace, may begin immediately using SMP with the new Quick Launch option. To get started, contact your Fannie Mae account team.

  • Q6.
    What are the benefits to Quick Launch?
    • Sellers are auto paired with select servicers and may initiate relationships with other servicing buyers at any time.
    • Quick Launch servicers using the standard Purchase & Sale Agreement (PSA) in our Selling Guide.
    • Transfer loan documents with to your servicer from one centralized place with Easy Transfer.
  • Q7.
    What is Easy Transfer?

    A feature within Servicing Marketplace that leverages a third-party, web-based file transfer application, Box, to enable sellers to transfer loan documents to servicing buyers in one centralized place. To learn more, contact SMP support or talk to your servicer partners about their adoption.

  • Q8.
    Where is Easy Transfer accessed?

    For access, contact your corporate administrator for Fannie Mae Technology Manager. Once admitted, follow the directions on the Easy Transfer Quick Start guide to get started.

  • Q9.
    What security measures are taken in Box to ensure my files are safe for transfer?

    Box uses multifactor authentication (MFA), data encryption, role-based access controls, malware and virus scans, audit and user activity reports and security monitoring through Splunk to ensure security. View the multifactor authentication (MFA) job aid for instructions to set up MFA in Box.