Form 582

Change happens. Tell us about it.
Approved seller/servicers must annually submit Form 582, Lender Record Information to keep us informed of key business information. Form 582 is due Mar. 31 for seller/servicers with fiscal year end dates of Dec. 31. Keeping us posted is more than an annual event … between now and your next submission, remember that Approved seller/servicers must promptly notify Fannie Mae of any changes in their staffing, principal purpose, activities, or facilities.

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Lender Record Information allows you to prepare your annual certification and submit it electronically to Fannie Mae. Also, use this application to provide periodic updates regarding your business. Any information you submit via the Internet will be encrypted to protect your privacy.

How to Register

To register, contact your company's Technology Manager administrator. Only admins have the ability to set up and manage application access for users. Once registered, you can set up your password and update your personal profile via Technology Manager.

Help & Training

Before you start your annual certification process, please review the below resources. 

Have a question? Access the page below to contact the Technology Support Center for help.