Quality Insider

Quality Insider is an article series designed to help lenders manage loan quality through tips and best practices. Articles include short call-to-action insights that lenders can reference in enhancing their quality control processes.

May 2024

Understand top defects to help strengthen loan quality


April 2024

Property Data Collection – What QC Professionals Need to Know


February 2024

Learn how to leverage Notice of Potential Defect


January 2024

QC Calibration  Key Learnings and Observations


November 2023

Unlock QC excellence with ‘Beyond the Guide'


September 2023

Top Take-Aways from Fannie Mae’s QC Boot Camp


July 2023

Reviewing your fraud controls in QC


February 2023

Loans with little margin for error


December 2022

Strengthen your QC Program  QC independence and internal audit requirements


October 2022

Strengthen your QC Program – Prefunding


September 2022

Take action on top collateral defects


July 2022

Quality control calibration – Manage quality risk


June 2022

Strengthen your QC program – QC reporting


May 2022

Effective Quality Control Action Planning


April 2022

Strengthen your QC program – quality control plan


March 2022

Gross vs. net defect rates – why they matter


February 2022

Ask Poli –  an unconventional quality control resource


January 2022

Source of funds reverification – Best practices and tips


November 2021

Know your choices – QC Sampling


October 2021

Take action on top QC defects  (Read Now)


September 2021

Are you ready for a market shift?


August 2021

Vendor Management – mitigating the risks


July 2021

Undisclosed liabilities – attacking this common defect


June 2021

Getting it Right – Reverification of Occupancy


May 2021

Appraisal quality control review best practices


April 2021

Assess your quality control to maximize resources and efficiencies


March 2021

Reverification Tracking is a Powerful QC Review Tool


February 2021

Successfully executing IRS Form 4506-C and reverifying tax transcripts


January 2021

Tips on ways to drive a successful reverification process and potentially increase your QC efficiency


December 2020

What to do if your post-closing Quality Control falls behind the required timeline — and how to keep it from getting that way


November 2020

How to adapt QC for Selling Guide Policy Changes