Quality Insider

Quality Insider is an article series designed to help lenders manage loan quality through tips and best practices. Articles include short call-to-action insights that lenders can reference in enhancing their quality control processes.

February 2023

Loans with little margin for error


December 2022

Strengthen your QC Program: QC independence and internal audit requirements


October 2022

Strengthen your QC Program: Prefunding


September 2022

Take action on top collateral defects


July 2022

Quality control calibration: Manage quality risk


June 2022

Strengthen your QC program: QC reporting


May 2022

Effective Quality Control Action Planning


April 2022

Strengthen your QC program: quality control plan


March 2022

Gross vs. net defect rates: why they matter


February 2022

Ask Poli:  an unconventional quality control resource


January 2022

Source of funds reverification – Best practices and tips


November 2021

Know your choices – QC Sampling


October 2021

Take action on top QC defects  (Read Now)


September 2021

Are you ready for a market shift?


August 2021

Vendor Management – mitigating the risks


July 2021

Undisclosed liabilities – attacking this common defect


June 2021

Getting it Right – Reverification of Occupancy


May 2021

Appraisal quality control review best practices


April 2021

Assess your quality control to maximize resources and efficiencies


March 2021

Reverification Tracking is a Powerful QC Review Tool


February 2021

Successfully executing IRS Form 4506-C and reverifying tax transcripts


January 2021

Tips on ways to drive a successful reverification process and potentially increase your QC efficiency


December 2020

What to do if your post-closing Quality Control falls behind the required timeline — and how to keep it from getting that way


November 2020

How to adapt QC for Selling Guide Policy Changes