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Fannie Mae Invoicing

Automate current processes for multiple transaction types

Fannie Mae Invoicing provides access to consolidated loan-level invoices, simple resolution of claims, and the ability to add and retrieve documentation.

Fannie Mae Invoicing Availability

Every day, 24 hours a day.

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  • Provides access to consolidated loan level invoices to resolve bills Establishes a more consolidated and transparent servicer claim system​
  • Consolidates loan-level views with itemized detail
  • Enhances operational efficiency with traceability and process controls
  • Standardizes claims billing process by improving workflow and automation​
  • Improves management insight via dashboards and views
  • Reduces reliance on Fannie Mae operations teams to resolve claims billing​


  • Itemized loan-level views
  • Portfolio-level views
  • Standard timelines
  • Single point-of-contact
  • Performance feedback
  • Consolidated platform

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