Real Estate Owned (REO) Agents and Vendors

Our mission is to ensure the quality of our real estate owned (REO) property maintenance services. We consistently maintain and offer best-in-class, market-ready properties. Fannie Mae's property maintenance practices are part of its overall neighborhood stabilization efforts, which include prioritizing sales to owner occupants and selling properties in a timely manner to promote stability and minimize the impact to the local community.

Fannie Mae’s activities are at the core of the housing industry, and we strive to be America’s most valued housing partner. As one of our REO vendors, your partnership with Fannie Mae ensures that our comprehensive programs align with our expectations to make homeownership a reality while consistently delivering quality products, services, and expertise.

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For more information on applying to become a Fannie Mae listing agent, appraiser, repair contractor, eviction attorney, maintenance company, or closing agent/title company, visit our supplier registration page.

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We support activities related to managing and selling REO properties in a timely manner with a focus on maximizing value.

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Find helpful resources, such as repair vendor guides, Repair Specialist maps, job aids, and training resources.

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Find resources to assist in the timely and efficient transition of properties to a marketable status.

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Provide quality and timely property maintenance services for our REO properties.

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Access helpful resources to assist with the efficient completion of title clearance and REO closings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Access to Fannie Mae Connect and to specific reports is a two-step process. Access to the Fannie Mae Connect application is assigned by your organizations Corporate Administrator while access to the Fannie Mae Report Categories is assigned by your organizations Report Administrator. Access to the Fannie Mae Application: An organizations Corporate Administrator must assign user access to the Fannie Mae Connect application in Technology Manager. They must also assign data folders (seller/servicer numbers) to a user in Technology Manager. Access to the Fannie Mae Report Categories: An organizations Report Administrator must assign Fannie Mae Connect report categories to your profile. A list of report administrators for an organization can be found in the users profile on the Fannie Mae Connect Home Page. Once these steps are completed, a user will be able to access and view data in Fannie Mae Connect. The Help Guide for Corporate Administrators provides details on how to complete these tasks.

NOTE: If you are logged into Fannie Mae Connect and are not seeing certain Report Categories, then you do not have access to those particular Report Categories

The Fannie Mae Connect Report Directory provides a consolidated list of all reports available on the site, the report category it’s assigned to, publication frequency, formats available, and a report description.

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