Appraiser Update Archive

Newsletter Topics
Appraiser Update March 2024
  • Progress Report Regarding Prohibited or Subjective Appraisal Language
  • Rezoning & HBU
  • Age of Comparable Sales
  • Updated Unacceptable Appraisal Practices
  • Introducing the Hybrid Appraisal Report for Condos
  • Cybersecurity Tips
Appraiser Update December 2023
  • Seller Concession Concerns
  • From the Archives
  • Find Fannie Mae Answers Fast
  • Policy Update – Manufactured Housing
Appraiser Update September 2023
  • Building innovation with 3D printed homes
  • Appraiser and Property Data Collector Independence Requirements
  • How State Tips Work
  • ANSI Answers
  • 1004D Completion Confirmation Alternatives
Appraiser Update June 2023
  • To adjust or not to adjust
  • Using image recognition technology in appraisal report reviews
  • Prohibited factors and subjective terms
  • In case you missed it: UAD redesign begins rollout phase
  • In case you missed it: Selling Guide updates
Appraiser Update March 2023
  • Introducing hybrid appraisals
  • Diversifying into property data collection
  • A letter from the appraisers’ inbox: What constitutes a decommissioned ADU?
  • Appraiser Quality Monitoring Update
  • In case you missed it: manufactured housing updates
Appraiser Update December 2022
  •  Verification tips for desktop appraisals
  • Don’t fear third-party data (1004 Desktop Limiting Condition 3)
  • Improve appraisal commentary with facts, not feelings
Appraiser Update September 2022
  • Why competency matters
  • A closer look at competency
  • Appraiser Diversity Initiative update
Appraiser Update June 2022
  • Use of third-party data in desktop appraisals
  • Appraiser Quality Monitoring update
Appraiser Update March 2022
  • Appraising the Appraisal
  • ANSI required April 1, 2022 – and we’re not fooling
  • What you need to know about desktop appraisals
  • Who doesn’t love the Noble Appraiser?
Appraiser Update December 2021
  • Thank you for responding
  • When can a trainee sign on the left?
  • Updated condo and co-op appraiser requirements
  • Appraiser trainees by the numbers
Appraiser Update September 2021
  • Are you accounting for changing market conditions?
  • HOA, COA, and co-op special assessments and deferred maintenance
  • AQM letters for improbable volumes
  • We want to hear from you about bias
Appraiser Update June 2021
  • Two fundamental roles of the appraiser in the lending process
  • Avoiding problematic phrases
  • Appraising MH? Or do you want to?
  • AQM letters and state tips
Appraiser Update March 2021
  • Is it time to take on an appraiser trainee?
  • Appraiser Q&A: Positive time adjustments, yes or no?
  • Lenders are responsible for appraisal review and AIR compliance
  • What goes in lender/client fields when an AMC is involved?
  • Selling Guide update: Manufactured homes
  • The UAD redesign vision
  • Clearing confusion on condition and quality ratings
Appraiser Update December 2020
  • Is it time to take on an appraiser trainee?
  • Appraiser Q&A: Positive time adjustments, yes or no?
  • Lenders are responsible for appraisal review and Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR) compliance
  • What goes in Lender/Client fields when an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) is involved?
  • The Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) redesign vision
  • Selling Guide update: manufactured homes
  • Noble appraiser series: Clearing confusion on condition and quality ratings
Appraiser Update September 2020
  • Which form should I use? (1004, 1004 desktop, and 1004 hybrid forms)
  • Appraising homes with solar panels and energy efficiency improvements
  • Reflections on 2020 impacts for appraisers
Appraiser Update June 2020
  • Reflections on the impact of COVID-19 on appraisals
  • Selling Guide update: Whole numbers for predominate age and predominant price fields
  • The myth of the one-mile rule
  • Fannie Mae collaborates with McKissock on manufactured housing continuing education course
  • Appraiser Q&A: Flood zone, yes or no?
Appraiser Update March 2020
  • What is a horizontal property regime?
  • How are you modernizing? (oil, gas, and pipeline data maps)
  • Meaning of "comparable"
  • More about multiple parcels
Appraiser Update December 2019
  • Fannie Mae's role in the housing market
  • How are you modernizing? (online measuring tools) 
  • Appraising multiple parcels
  • How appraisal waivers fit with our risk mindset
  • Loan Quality Center: significant appraisal defects
Appraiser Update September 2019
  • Forms for appraisers performing Property Data Collections (PDC) and desktop appraisals
  • Desktop appraisals, assumptions, and hypothetical conditions
  • Locked rooms
  • Consumer protections
  • State board notifications
Appraiser Update June 2019
  • Highlighting residential appraiser careers
  • Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) and appraisal form redesign update
  • Appraisers play an important role in Property Data Collection (PDC)
  • Appraiser quality monitoring and the use of appraiser trainees
  • Value representation and warranty relief
Appraiser Update March 2019
  • What appraisers need to know about Property Data Collection (PDC)
  • Learn how to appraise MH Advantage homes
  • Appraiser Q&A: appraiser asked to appraise a manufactured home but omit the land it is on
Appraiser Update December 2018 (Special Edition for Rural Appraisal)
  • Selling Guide updates: modular homes, MH Advantage
  • Engagement update – contact us form submission topics
  • Rural round up: highest and best use, standards for comparable selection, data sources, adjustments, cost approach, reconciliation
  • Manufactured housing appraisal policy overview
Appraiser Update September 2018
  • Hot Topics: retiring Form 1004MC, Property Inspection Waivers renamed
  • Appraisal Policy Updates: MH Advantage, Manufactured Homes with Additions, Condo Project Standards Updates
  • Engagement Update – Contact Us form submission topics
Appraiser Update April 2018
  • Hot Topics: Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria, Appraisal Modernization
  • Appraisal Policy Updates: Second Appraisals, Field Reviews for Properties $1M+
  • Appraisal Quality Monitoring: messages and resubmission rates
  • Rural Round Up: Properties with agricultural attributes
  • Direct appraiser webinars
Appraiser Update December 2017
  • Hot Topics: Disaster Relief Policies, Property Inspection Waiver Update, Appraiser Shortage
  • Collateral Underwriter metrics
  • Permitted vs Allowable, Unit number field on Condo Form 1073
  • Coming in 2018: Direct Appraiser Webinars, Duty to Serve
Appraiser Update March 2017
  • Hot Topics: Property Inspection Waivers and Certainty on appraised value
  • Collateral Underwriter metrics
  • Selling Guide Updates: Appraiser Trainees, Comp selection for condo/subdivision/PUDs, Adjustments for Sales or Financing Concessions, Contract Amendments after the appraisal is completed