Applications & Technology

Equator for Servicers

Automate default servicing processes and connect with vendors and agents electronically

Equator Connect helps servicers manage pre- and post-foreclosure activities on Fannie Mae properties. ​

This portal view enables efficient execution of property preservation and repairs while driving transparency through the process.

Equator for Servicers Availability

Every day, 24 hours a day.

All Technology Application Availability
  • Provides servicer, agent, and vendor views into the Fannie Mae workflow via external portal workstations
  • Distributes data to Fannie Mae systems via REO Integration and APIs
  • Provides visibility into the Equator Workstation, a task-based Workflow system, through the direct portal Equator Connect
  • Drives efficiency while fostering transparency and facilitating compliance
  • Integrates with key applications, including BKFS, FNC, Hubzu, VHT Professional Photography, WorldApp, and additional third-party applications.
  • Enables servicers to create partnerships with investors, MI companies and other servicers with transparency into loans/properties