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Document Certification

Document Certification is an online tool for document custodians to certify MBS pools and whole loans. It transmits the certification status to Fannie Mae and the lender.

Document Certification Availability

Every day, 24 hours a day, except from 5 p.m. ET Saturday to 8 a.m. ET Sunday due to maintenance.

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How it Works

The Document Certification application enables document custodians to certify the loan data that has been submitted and transmit the certification status to Fannie Mae.

  • Loan data submitted by lenders to Fannie Mae via Loan Delivery is available to the document custodian in Document Certification. On the same day the lender submits the loan data in Loan Delivery, they must also ship related loan documents to the document custodian for certification and retention.
  • By certifying the loan data, the document custodian is confirming that it has the required documents in its possession; has reviewed the data, and has found no errors or inconsistencies. Only after the loans are certified will Fannie Mae issue the related securities.

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Technology Terms & Conditions

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