Technology Integration

New Technology Service Providers

Start your journey to become a Fannie Mae integrated technology service provider

When you’re approved to work with Fannie Mae, you are more prepared to plan for future growth and success with integrated solutions. Our collaboration doesn’t stop after the integration process: we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Start your relationship with Fannie Mae

We’re always committed to working with you in efforts to help customers accelerate business growth. The steps listed below explain the process for becoming a new integrated technology service provider.

Step 1: Prequalification  (1–2 weeks)

Complete the readiness tool below and submit the vendor intake form, so that our team may perform a preliminary assessment. Once reviewed, we’ll set up an initial discovery call.

Step 2: Onboarding (2–3 weeks*)

If approved, you’ll complete an integration agreement and an assigned Digital Alliances Manager will provide guidance on next steps.

* Timing depends on Fannie Mae Integration Backlog

Step 3: Integration (3–6 months*)

After your solution has been designed and built, we’ll perform testing and compliance monitoring for compatibility. 

* Timing depends on TSP’s level of prioritization/dedication

Step 4: Production/Monitoring  (2-3 weeks*)

Once live, we’ll have ongoing post-production monitoring, production health checks, reporting, and review activities.

See if you’re eligible

Evaluate whether your company meets Fannie Mae's expectations and requirements as an integration partner by completing our quick online questionnaire. In order to receive access to the new integrator application, you must successfully complete the evaluation. 

Do you qualify?

Research and Insights 

In our rapidly shifting industry, expertise and insights are critical to help you understand the changes in the economic housing environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assuming commitment from the prospective partner and lender customer(s), the process can take anywhere from two (2) to six (6) months.

The process varies by product but typically includes data and design architecture, establishment of connectivity, and functional testing.

Testing occurs through the Fannie Mae integration testing environment. Your company will be provided test credentials during the onboarding process.