Property Preservation

Row of houses on a beautiful day

Fannie Mae is committed to preventing community blight and protecting housing values. That’s why we have established guidelines for property preservation services throughout the default process.

Servicers conduct property maintenance as necessary to keep the condition and appearance of the home in order.

Foreclosures and vacancies impact neighborhoods.  

Fannie Mae requires that servicers preserve both the interior and the exterior of vacant properties securing delinquent loans year-round, regardless of the loss mitigation status. To help with these efforts, we provide servicers allowable amounts for routine maintenance, repairs, and preservation efforts such as yard services, structural repairs, debris removal, plumbing repair, winterization, window and lock replacements, and roof repair.  

We’re committed to:

  • Being a good neighbor
  • Supporting neighborhood stabilization
  • Minimizing potential property damage, liability, and code violations
  • Monitoring servicer performance to ensure standards are met