Originating & Underwriting

Noble Appraiser Video Series

Common misunderstandings about Fannie Mae policies can lead to unacceptable appraisal practices. Watch the Noble Appraiser vanquish those myths in our ongoing series.

The Desktop Appraisal Discovery

Watch the Noble Appraiser explore the benefits of performing desktop appraisals

The Measurement Mayhem

Watch the Noble Appraiser learn about Fannie Mae’s standardized measuring requirements

The Trainee Trepidation

Watch the Noble Appraiser conquer trepidations both lenders and appraisers struggle with when using appraiser trainees.

Adjustment Myths of Anguish

Watch the Noble Appraiser and friends vanquish myths around adjustment policy and practice.

Disentangling Quality of Construction Rating Turmoil

Watch one noble appraiser see past the trees of turmoil obstructing quality of construction ratings.

Clearing Property Condition Rating Confusion

Watch one noble appraiser disperse clouds of confusion around property condition ratings.

The One-Mile Myth: Vanquished!

Watch the Noble Appraiser Vanquish the myth that comparable sales must be within one mile of the subject property.