Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs)

DU Messages API

Streamline your underwriting process to improve the borrower experience

What if it was easier for loan officers to determine if value acceptance was available on loans that cross their desk?

Determining whether a loan is eligible for value acceptance no longer requires that your staff  manually review the Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) Findings Report. The DU Messages API eliminates this step by removing the need to check for value acceptance manually. Loan officers can now identify loans that are eligible for value acceptance easily and quickly, potentially resulting in time and cost savings for you and your borrower.

Integrating the DU Messages API within your workflow can ultimately streamline the overall process and allow you to fast-track loans that would benefit from value acceptance.

Key benefits for you and your borrowers

Improved borrower experience

  • Save your eligible borrowers time and money by eliminating the need for an appraisal, as well as the associated expense of obtaining one.

Reduced risk of human error

  • Remove the need for manual reviews, helping to reduce the number of mistakes caused by human error.

Reduced manual workloads

  • Automatically fast-track loans eligible for value acceptance through programmed use of the API.
  • Filter findings by applying useful categories such as Day 1 Certainty® or Risk Assessment and program an automated action.

Realize potential cost savings

  • Reduce staff time previously spent reviewing the DU Findings Report for value acceptance eligibility, allowing you to process loans faster.

Easy to integrate

  • Leverage our Quick Start Guide with your in-house tech staff or technology service provider to facilitate adoption and/or integration of the API into your process.
  • Get support through the entire implementation process, including testing by Fannie Mae’s Technology Integration Team.

Scenario: Mike and Jenny are looking to refinance their home

Let’s look at the practical impact integrating the DU Messages API could make on your daily processes and client interactions through a possible scenario.

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