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Introducing mobile inspections to streamline quality reviews for properties

WorldAPP is a mobile data collection system designed to simplify reporting of quality reviews of real estate-owned and pre-foreclosure properties.  Users can utilize WorldApp to:

  • Capture data about properties, and share it with Fannie Mae   
  • Utilize data collected in the form to feed the workflow in the Viewer Portal

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  • Central repository storing all completed maintenance inspections for both pre- and post-foreclosure assets
  • Search the Viewer Portal and download inspection results based on assignments to the user
  • Convert inspections to PDF by clicking on the “convert to PDF" button
  • Users capture all the required information, including taking photos live with the Mobile APP, adding comments, and even drawing on the screen as needed


  • Allowing users to collect property inspection data using the convenience of their mobile device
  • Saves user hours of transcribing notes and later uploading the information once they get to their office
  • Live photo capture eliminating the chance of attaching an incorrect photo
  • Eliminates missing key information since all mandatory fields are marked and the user must complete them to move forward