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eClosings & eMortgages

Auto-certification made easy

Find out how to self-service auto-certification issues/questions.

eClosings and eMortgages take the home mortgage process digital. These tools can help improve data quality, increase operational efficiency, and create a superior experience for the borrower.

This page provides valuable resources for both lenders and servicers working with or onboarding electronic mortgages and closing processes. Learn about the potential benefits of eClosing and eMortgage and find information to help you implement a digital mortgage process in your organization.

Go digital and discover the potential benefits eClosing and eMortgage can offer. Learn more. 

Growth of eNote deliveries to Fannie Mae  

Take the home mortgage process online. Contact us to learn why more lenders are delivering eNotes to Fannie Mae each year and how you can become part of an industry shift as lenders use technology to streamline their loan process and offer a better experience.


Integrate with the MERS® eRegistry