Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs)

HomeReady API

Maximize affordable lending opportunities

Would empowering your team to offer more unique lending products like HomeReady to low-income, credit-worthy potential borrowers be a "game-changer" for your business? Imagine your HomeReady-eligibile borrowers having the opportunity to weigh all their choices from the begining - with your company being the stand-out option. 

And what if you could identify these potential borrowers sooner through automation, allowing those conversations to be had as early as the point-of-sale?

Our AMI Lookup and HomeReady Evaluation API can help you more easily identify potential HomeReady-eligible opportunities. 

Key benefits for you and your borrowers

Consider how some of these key benefits of our HomeReady API could impact conversations with your potential borrowers:

Improve borrower experience

  • Create a better customer experience by ensuring borrowers are presented with the most cost-effective and competitive mortgage products available to them.
  • Eliminate delays in processing by identifying HomeReady-eligible loans early in the process, reducing the need to re-submit casefiles to Desktop Underwriter®.

Realize potential cost savings

  • Ability to waive loan-level price adjustments (LLPAs).
  • Deliver cost savings in the form of lower interest rates to your potential borrower.

Enhance your business offerings

  • Ability to offer the right products sooner in the decision-making process.
  • Fewer overlooked opportunities to place borrowers in loans that are right for them.

Reduce manual workloads

  • Automated identification saves time and effort in gathering and reconciling data.
  • Minimize the process of reworking and resubmitting case files if not identified earlier in the process.
  • Reduction of data errors and misidentification through clear data extraction.

Integrate with ease

  • Leverage our Quick Start Guide with your in-house tech staff or technology service provider to begin adoption and/or integration into your process.
  • Support through the whole implementation process, including testing by the Fannie Mae Technology Integration Team.

Scenario: Maria and Alex Buy Their First Home

Take a look at the practical impact integrating the AMI Lookup and HomeReady Evaluation API could make on your daily processes and client interactions through a possible scenario.