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Reset a User's Password

When a user's password has expired or a user has been locked out of Fannie Mae Technology applications due to inactivity, the user's password needs to be reset.

If your organization has chosen to manage users' passwords for a user group or an entire organization, a Corporate Administrator or User Administrator will reset passwords as needed.  This job aid explains how to change the password for a user. See Technology Manager Frequently Asked Questions and possible scenarios that would require use of the password reset process.

Note:  If passwords for the user group or organization are not managed by an administrator, this procedure does not need to be performed.  Instead, end users can change their own passwords from within their user profile or use the self-serve password process.

Note: For the User Administrator role, a dashboard that shows different options will appear.

  1. From the dashboard, click the Manage Users link.

  2. The Manage Users screen appears.  Enter the desired search criteria and search value, then click SEARCH.

  3. Depending on the search terms used, multiple users may be found.  The number of records found appears above the list.  Select the desired user record.

  4. Profile Information for the selected record appears. Click EDIT PROFILE.

  5. The Edit User Profile screen appears. Click RESET PASSWORD.

  6. An email message is sent to the User.  Follow the instructions in the message to complete the procedure.