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Introducing Your Delinquency Reporting Responsibilities

Delinquency reporting defined

The data that servicers must provide to Fannie Mae on a monthly basis to inform us of the current status of all your delinquent loans and related information.

Do not confuse delinquency reporting with the reporting that your investor reporting staff is responsible for. Delinquency reporting, in addition to investor reporting, is the servicer’s responsibility.

Why delinquency reporting is important

Fannie Mae needs the information for our asset management activities and disclosure requirements and to be in compliance with our MBS Trust Agreements.

It also, in some cases, provides the information that Fannie Mae needs to pay you your incentive fees.

What you must report

The delinquency status code and reason code for all portfolio loans and MBS pool loans (both for special and regular servicing option) that are:

  • 30 or more days delinquent as of the last day of the preceding month; or

  • for which an action was taken to cure the delinquency (such as granting forbearance, agreeing to a mortgage loan modification, filing for bankruptcy, etc.) during the preceding month, even if the mortgage loan was less than 30 days delinquent.


 Both the effective date and completion date are mandatory for the following codes:

  • 09 – Forbearance
  • 12 – Repayment Plan
  • 15 – Preforeclosure Sale Being Pursued
  • 17 – Preforeclosure Sale/Offer Received
  • BF – Trial Modification

The effective date is mandatory for the following codes:

  • 33 – Contested or Litigated Foreclosure or Litigation
  • 69 – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan – Post-Petition Period Utilize
  • 71 – Foreclosure Sale Scheduled
  • 80 – Breach Letter Sent
  • AW – Quality Right Party Contact
  • H5 – Workout Package Completed

One delinquency status and one reason code (can change from month to month) must be reported for each of your delinquent loans even if you reported on the loan in the prior month and even if there has been no change to either code.

Once your investor reporting team has either reported that the delinquency has been resolved or the loan has been liquidated you no longer need to report delinquency data for a particular loan.

Delinquency reporting must occur as per the following timeline:

Delinquency data must be reported on a monthly basis and the data must be submitted by the second business day of each month. Corrections must be made by the 10th day of the month.

You do not have to wait until the end of the month to report your data. You can submit data as you receive it throughout the month. For example, if you are reporting your delinquency data for January you can start entering data on the eleventh business day in January and continue until the second business day in February at which point you must have submitted the delinquency data for all your loans that were delinquent in January.

Once the data has been processed, Fannie Mae will generate and transmit an exception report – “loans requiring delinquency status codes” – that identifies loans that are 90+ days delinquent but were not included in your previous month's reporting and loans with imminent default indicators. You must report delinquency data for these loans in the following months report.

Delinquency reporting must be reported using:

The Delinquency Reporting section in AMN (Asset Management Network) available on the AMN Page of

Note: Utilize Fannie Mae Connect to obtain data, reports, and anlaytics.