Pricing & Execution

Servicing-released Execution

Sell the servicing rights at the same time the mortgage asset is sold to Fannie Mae

Servicing-released transactions, also known as co-issues sales, are an important source of liquidity for released mortgage servicing rights (MSR) and should be a component of every seller’s best execution toolkit.

Why Servicing-released?

Servicing-released selling provides a consistent execution option across every market cycle that helps sellers to recognize the operational and delivery efficiencies of a Fannie Mae relationship.

With our servicing-released selling options, access upfront pricing and receive all-in funding for the loan and servicing rights within 24 hours. Plus, all loans delivered are bifurcated – selling reps & warrants stay with the seller.

Available in Pricing & Execution – Whole Loan, choose the servicing-released solution that works for you:

Servicing Marketplace® Servicing Execution Tool
  • Find and establish relationships with servicing buyers
  • Lock in servicing released premium (SRP) at time of commitment
  • Easily incorporate pricing into best execution
  • With a blind online auction — services compete for your business
  • Choose mandatory or best efforts
  • Ideal for small lenders