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Seasoned Loans Transactions

Partner with Fannie Mae to address your liquidity and capital requirements

Fannie Mae has decades of experience when it comes to valuing and purchasing one- to four-unit, first-lien loan portfolios. With our seasoned loans team, we have consistently proven success assisting our customers in the selling and securitizing of seasoned mortgage loans. With seasoned sale options such as MBS Sell-and-Swap, MBS Swap-and-Hold and Whole Loan, we can create a plan that meets your business needs.

We’ve helped clients with portfolios ranging in size from $2.5 million to $2.5 billion. Find out how we can help you too.

We can create a plan that meets your business needs

• Help develop your objectives and strategic goals
• Offer appropriate solutions and custom-fit the plan to your organization’s business needs
• Support for released and retained servicing strategies


Seasoned sale options

MBS Swap-and-Sell

Convert your portfolio’s whole loans into Fannie-Mae issued MBS for sale to an investor so you can access immediate cash, reduce capital requirements, and potentially lower portfolio credit risk.

MBS Swap-and-Hold

Converting your portfolio’s whole loans to Fannie Mae-issued MBS improves liquidity and may reduce risks and capital terms. Swap-and-hold execution adds a more liquid asset to a portfolio and maintains investment goals.

Whole Loan Sale

Selling your whole loans to Fannie Mae helps generate cash flow for your business. It releases capital and credit risk associated with those assets, helping you optimize your business.


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