Fruition Colorado — MH Advantage-eligible homes in a fast-growing market


The Fruition Colorado subdivision, located at the center of the largest energy-producing area in Colorado, will help grow the town of Keenesburg through robust infrastructure enhancements like housing, commercial and public spaces. This is a master planned community consisting of ~3,500 acres within Weld County. It will become the center for industrial development and will maintain the water within the community and Northern Colorado. The development will feature as many as 2,500 MH Advantage®-eligible homes, with its rollout occuring across multiple phases.

The first phase includes ~500 MH Advantage-eligible units. Each manufactured home featuring MH Advantage characteristics has an estimated savings of $65K per unit compared to a site-built home. This subdivision will result in over $30 million in savings for working-class families in the area. Home sales may begin during the first phase in late 2021, with a second development phase planned for 2023. Homeowners could move in starting Q1 2022. This land is fully-entitled and zoned to allow for manufactured housing.

This subdivision will result in over $30 million in savings for working-class families in the area.1

Development team



Multiple HUD-code manufacturers agreed to produce the MH Advantageeligible homes for this phased development, including:

  • Skyline Champion Corporation, a leading manufacturer of HUD- code manufactured homes headquartered in Troy, Michigan
  • Clayton Homes, a national builder of off-site and on-site built homes

Key takeaways

The key to success in developing Fruition Colorado is to create a new, high-quality, sustainable and diverse community that provides attainable housing for the Town of Keenesburg. Fruition Colorado will show how site-built and MH Advantage-eligible homes can bring affordability and faster development time into the subdivision model to deliver incremental business growth for developers and more attainable options for consumers.

Many municipalities may have a preconceived notion of what constitutes a ‘Manufactured Home’ community. An effective tool for the Fruition Colorado development has been to provide strong, upfront examples to city and town officials and to communicate what these new homes consist of: well designed interiors and exteriors that fit into the neighborhood alongside quality fixtures, materials that are reasonably priced, porches and attached garages. Furthermore, the Fruition Colorado development used a Planned Unit Development of the town’s zoning code to reduce the minimum lot size. As a result, the developer will be able to ensure the community features a number of amenities, including greenways, park systems, sidewalks, and ample open space.

Prior to embarking on any residential design of this type, it’s best for builders and developers to effectively communicate all of the components mentioned above. This will help build trust with key community members.

Community images

Phase one: streetscape

Phase one: streetscape

Aerial view

Aerial View

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1 Based on market study done by HOLDco.