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Technology Manager User Roles

All Fannie Mae customers in all customer segments can use Technology Manager.  An individual can either have access as an End User or as an Administrator.

External Technology Users have access to Fannie Mae technology applications, can update their user profile, view a list of active administrators, and most can reset their own password (depending on the organization's password management settings).

Administrators: There are two levels of administrators. Some companies may choose one individual to manage all users, while others may set up a hierarchical structure (Corporate Administrator over one or more User Administrators).  Regardless of which structure, an administrator’s view of Technology Manager will list only those organizations, branch organizations, users, data folders, and applications that they are authorized to manage.

  • Corporate Administrators (CA) can set up applications, data folders, user groups, users' profiles and passwords, System IDs, company configuration, register and manage other administrators. The Corporate Administrator serves as your company representative authorized to legally bind your company to the terms and conditions of use for Fannie Mae technology. They will be the recipient of bulletins to your company’s Software Subscription Agreement with Fannie Mae.
  • User Administrators (UA) can set up and manage users' profiles and passwords, and access to Fannie Mae technology applications, but only UAs in organizations with a hierarchy structure without a CA, as shown in the below chart, can register and manage other administrators, and System IDs.
Customer Profile Customer Role
External Technology User User Administrator Corporate Administrator
Single Family Lender Yes Yes Yes
Multifamily Lender Yes Yes Yes
UCDP with CU Access Yes Yes Yes
Disbursement Lender Management Yes Yes Yes
Warehouse Lender Management Yes Yes Yes
Mortgage Insurer Yes Yes Yes
Technology Integrator Yes Yes Yes
Technology Solution Provider - TSP Yes Yes Yes
Mortgage Originator Brokers Yes Yes No
Custodian Yes Yes No
Credit Reporting Agency Yes Yes No
Housing Finance Agency - Indirect Yes Yes No
REO Vendors Yes Yes No