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Scorecard Overview

The STAR Performance Scorecard is designed to help our servicers quickly identify opportunities for improvement by comparing a servicer's performance relative to other servicers based on set thresholds or relative to a comparable portfolio. Overall, the Scorecard metrics monitor progress and trends against key indicators selected to reflect Fannie Mae's current business objectives. Fannie Mae provides performance results to servicers on each metric via the STAR Performance Scorecard associated to the three Program categories.

  • General Servicing: Servicers are measured on the basis of their performance managing early term roll rates and investor reporting and accounting. 
  • Solution Delivery: Servicers are measured on the basis of their ability to resolve delinquent loans and their effectiveness at managing their collections call center.
  • Timeline Management: Servicers are measured on the basis of their ability to resolve or liquidate loans that are beyond the allowable foreclosure time frames.

All STAR servicers may be evaluated based on their performance relating to Servicer Capability Framework performance metrics. Performance metrics are tied to Process Areas, if applicable, and are measured based on set thresholds and/or peer comparisons. The SCF Metric Dashboard provides servicers with visibility into monthly and year-to-date performance.

The Scorecard metrics were selected based on Fannie Mae’s current strategic objectives to minimize credit losses, increase operational efficiency, and improve the borrower experience. As conditions change, the STAR Program will update and communicate revisions to these key performance indicators.

Performance measures gauge servicer effectiveness in managing credit performance through roll rates, solution delivery, workout performance, and timeline management. Key operational metrics focus on the customer experience, data quality, cash management, and timely reporting.


The STAR Scorecard measures servicer performance in the Credit Performance and SCF metrics relevant to the activities they perform on behalf of Fannie Mae. All STAR servicers are included in the General Servicing and Solution Delivery categories based on the volume of loans they service for Fannie Mae. Servicers that service a significant number of delinquent loans may also be included in the Timeline Management category. Servicer’s monthly scorecards represent their performance in the relevant metrics.

STAR Scorecard Metrics

The following table represents the metrics across the three core servicing areas measured in the Scorecard:


Process Area

Credit Performance

Servicer Capability Framework

General Servicing
  • Transition to 60 plus
  • Aged Recurring Hard Reject Rate
  • Aged Recurring Soft Reject Rate
  • Shortage Percent
Solution Delivery
  • 60 plus to Cure
  • Retention Efficiency
  • Liquidation Efficiency
  • Six-Month Mod Performance
  • N/A
Timeline Management
  • Transition to Beyond Time Frame
  • N/A


The STAR Performance Scorecard White Paper provides additional information on the following topics:

  • Metric Definitions
  • Comparable Pool Construct
  • Threshold Definitions
  • Scoring Framework