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Pricing Loans for Servicing Marketplace Sellers


This job aid details the steps needed to price loans for Servicing Marketplace (SMP) within the Pricing & Execution - Whole Loan® (PE-Whole Loan) application. You may import loans into the PE – Whole Loan application by first creating a comma-delimited (.csv) file to hold up to 200 loans or file size 2MB and then by using the Import Loan Data feature of PE – Whole Loan to bring the loans into the application for Pricing.

Follow the steps to price eligible loans:

  1. Click Eligible Loans from the function menu on the left. The Eligible Loans screen opens.

  2. Click Import Loans

  3. From the Select Servicer field, click the drop down arrow and select the correct servicer.  

  4. Click the check box next to the desired loan(s) to price any of the successfully imported loans immediately. Click the check box next to the product heading, to select all the loans under a product heading.

  5. Click Price Loans.

Note: Pricing obtained via the Price Loans export file is indicative, subject to change, and not inclusive of loan-level price adjustments (LLPAs). For DU casefiles, SFC adjustments are included in the SRP price calculation. For manual (Other) underwriting method, only the SFCs associated with the product are included in the price calculation, and any loan which will be delivered with additional SFCs may change the SRP price at time of delivery.


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